Inside Gulls: Craftsman to chaos

Inside the Gulls

Inside the Gulls - Credit: Archant

We go from natural genius to bizarre chaos for this week's chapters from Inside the Gulls.

It kicks-off on Thursday with the master craftsman Alex Russell, a player blessed with wonderful talent, who controlled the Torquay United midfield in the glory season under Leroy Rosenior.

Russell formed a wonderful partnership with Jason Fowler and he was so well-regarded by his team mates that they often described him as the player who made others around look good.

On to Friday, and surely the finest United story ever told. The Greatest Escape involving a police dog and last-minute drama is part of Plainmoor folklore.

We recall 45 minutes of absolute mayhem and a tale that has attracted global attention, including a full-length feature on Netflix, as film crews arrived from New York to tell this incredible story.

Saturday is all about the great Don Mills, widely believed to be the best player ever to wear the famous Yellow and Blue. The Don graced Plainmoor in the late 1950s and early 1960s, he was a First Division player operating in the third tier.

Our latest selection of chapters is completed by the utter chaos that was the era of Chris Roberts as chairman. Few can forget the turmoil of his bizarre tenure at Plainmoor, a non-English speaking former Czech international as manager and, ultimately, the disaster of relegation.

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