Waiting lists as golf clubs prepare for packed-out season

Dan Hendriksen, head professional at Torquay Golf Club

Dan Hendriksen, head professional at Torquay Golf Club - Credit: Dan Hendriksen

Golf in South Devon is poised for a new post-Covid boom as local players come back to the game and more visitors head to the region.

That's the belief of Dan Hendriksen, head pro at Torquay Golf Club, where they are braced for a packed-out season after restrictions ease from March 29.

"Golf clubs haven't had waiting lists for 20-odd years, but we've got them now and it's the same story everywhere," says Hendriksen, who has launched his own YouTube channel to help locked-down players over the past year.

"We've been working hard during lockdown, and we've got some amazing new facilities here.

"It may take a month or so to get everyone used to why and how we're doing things, and then our goal is to enjoy some of the major events on our calendar."