South Devon League clubs vote for cup tournaments

Empty football ground corner with flag and sunset

Peninsula League plans abandoned - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The clubs of the TCS South Devon Football League have voted to return to competitive action before the summer with a 'Champions League' style tournament in April and May the preferred option.

Every club took the opportunity to have a say in how the season would conclude by choosing one of four options presented to them.

While a minority of clubs opted for no further games until next season, 77 per cent did want to see a return to competitive play in one form or another.

The most popular option - with a 36 per cent share of the vote - was to expunge the current league season and start afresh with a series of divisional cup tournaments comprising mini leagues followed by knockout stages to determine the trophy winners.

As a result, the TCS SDFL have now adopted this proposal and, after requests from member clubs, have been spending the week carefully discussing potential rule amendments.

Once ratified by the league committee and Devon County Football Association, a  list of these amendments will be sent to the clubs ahead of the draw for the opening round of the tournament.

Those clubs that voted not to play any more football will be automatically excluded from the draw.

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However, they will have a period of time in which to contact the league should they decide to take part.

It is likely that the new competition will kick off the week after Easter to give players some time to build fitness levels.

This follows the expected lifting of outdoor sports restrictions on March 29.