ERBID 2 Case Studies

Anthnoy Jones from Bar Twenty1

Anthnoy Jones from Bar Twenty1 - Credit: Bar Twenty1

Anthony Jones 
Bar Twenty1 

“I am a big believer in the Bid. I’ve been working around the Harbour since moving to Torquay in 1996, managing various pubs, bars and nightclubs before opening my own business. 
“ERBID has been the one scheme of this nature that has been really positive and successful. We are in a digital world, everyone is online and someone has to drive that content to showcase what is happening across Torbay. 
“The great thing about ERBID is the focus is all about Torbay as a destination. They provide fantastic marketing and it is so important to have someone promoting the Bay across the country. Torbay is a stunning location and there are so many positive things happening at the moment.  
“Torbay has so much to offer and ERBID has been crucial to our future success.” 

Phil Thomas 
Shoreline at Paignton Beach 

“The Bid does a fabulous job at promoting the Bay and keeping tourism at the front of people’s minds. We are a tourist town and we need people to highlight everything we have to offer. 
“They have done an excellent and over the Covid period, their support has been invaluable. As a small family-run business, they have provided us with guidance on grants, procedures, protocols and information we would not have been able to access without their assistance. 
“ERBID have done an amazing job and we are more than happy to back them for another term.” 

Ash Hamilton 
The Curious Kitchen 

“The main thing we like is the fact they help market the Bay across the country. It is important for people to know how amazing Torbay is to visit. 
“Over the past 18 months, they have been the best source for me on Covid updates. They have helped channel all the information and made things easier to consume. You can be overwhelmed with the information, but the ERBID team have been brilliant in simplifying the guidance.  
“We will 100% be voting for ERBID2.” 

Shoreline Paignton backing the bid

Shoreline Paignton backing the bid - Credit: Shoreline Paignton

Shoreline Paignton Beach

Shoreline Paignton Beach - Credit: Shoreline Paignton