ERBID 2 Case Studies

Cary Court Hotel

Cary Court Hotel - Credit: Cary Court Hotel

Paul Darwood 
Cary Court Hotel 

“They do a very good at promoting the Bay. We have a Victorian seaside resort and the Victorians knew what they were doing, coming down here because it was cold and wet in London. 
“Tourism has been a part of Torbay life since the Victorian times and it is important to stay ahead of the game, so people know what is going on in our town, otherwise they will drift away to alternative locations.  
“ERBID provides a coordinated effort and under the auspices of the current team, they have done an extremely good job. We will have no hesitation in voting ‘yes’.” 
Jess Dowell 
Providence Hospitality (Headland Hotel Torquay, Palace Hotel and Queens Hotel Paignton) 

“ERBID has worked tirelessly and proactively at driving local, regional, national and international marketing to the Bay. They listen to the businesses needs to ensure that the marketing budget is spent within the best interests of the levy payers.  
“Specifically working on campaigns to support our hotels in the seasons when the Bay is naturally quieter after the summer rush. The English Riviera website is also a great tool that helps our guests make informed decisions about their experience when they are visiting us.  
“We will definitely be voting YES as soon as our ballot papers arrive within the next week and hope for a very exciting new five-year term, where the ERBID support will be vital once international travel borders return to normal in the future. “ 
Kim Risdon 
The Princess Theatre  

“We have always supported the BID for various reasons and being in a partnership with other businesses in the area of Torbay, helps us all to be part of a fabulous community with one big voice.  
“Tourism is absolutely critical to the area and will always be a big focus for The Princess Theatre. The BID has maintained excellent communication and captures both visiting tourists and tourists already in the Bay and has helped extensively with the growth and development of the area, increasing the reputation and potential investment too, profiling Torbay as a go-to destination all year round and therefore helping us to thrive our business at peak and off-peak times. 
“The BID is great for local people too, it benefits us all. There is so much to do and see.” 

Torbay Properties Providence Hospitality

Torbay Properties Providence Hospitality - Credit: Torbay Properties Providence Hospitality

The Princess Theatre

The Princess Theatre - Credit: The Princess Theatre