Space where I can go, relax and enjoy some quiet privacy.- not in my house!

Torbay Weekly

What a couple of weeks it has been.

The excitement and disappointment in the Euros, Wimbledon, exams, neatly the end of the school year and six weeks of school holidays to look forward to!

I can’t lie, I’m missing the sport on the tellybox and as I’m probably the only person in the world who isn’t watching Love Island, I’ve taken to having early nights and reading a good book.

I love the peace and tranquility of my bedroom, my space where I can go, relax and enjoy some quiet privacy.

Who the hell am I kidding! My room is like the revolving doors at Harrods - one daughter in, one daughter out.

Just settle down and there’s another daughter in, so because that one's been in, the other one has to even the score and come in as well.

Of course, it’s always something so urgent they can’t possibly wait until morning to tell me, no it has to be now, and couldn’t have been said during the earlier 12 hours we’ve spent together.

No. It has to be said just as I’m drifting off into a lovely dreamy sleep. Kids.

I’m not sure who invented the working week and why they decided five days was a good idea.

I’m sure it was a man who never the pleasure of Sunday evening uniform ironing, but I really don’t think two days off a week is enough.

These two days have flown by way too quickly and as the weather has been so glorious, I’ve enjoyed it all the more.

We’ve been out on the SUP both days and enjoyed time on the beach.

I see Covid is rearing its head again... school leavers isolating and missing their final week of school, hospitality closed and yet Boris still plans to put things back to normal.

I have no words - actually I do, plenty I’m just not allowed to use them here!

I guess allowing 45,000 fans in to stadiums wasn’t such a great idea after all, but it is OK - us parents didn’t want to watch our little ones at their sports days anyway…