South Devon Ramblers

South Devon Ramblers - Still rambling after 40 years

Torbay Weekly

1982 – It was a very good year! The average house price was £21,000, half a pound of butter 50p, the weekly single pension about £32 and the term Thatcherism was coined. Yes, 40 years have passed since the inaugural year of the South Devon Ramblers.

Did you know that the greatest prevalence of walkers across the UK exists in the South West? Little wonder, with our coastline, moorland, rolling fields and iconic Devon villages to explore. The group are part of the Ramblers Association and have certainly explored the area.

In 1982, a small Committee was formed, they created a paper programme, a lengthy list of rules and regs and with Ramblers endorsement – the South Devon Ramblers group was born.

They now have a pro-active Committee of 10, regular walks, holidays in the UK and beyond with around 230 members, most of whom are friend,s as well as walking companions. Embracing technology unavailable in 1982, the group now benefits from a successful Facebook page and website.

In July this year, they celebrated their 40th anniversary with a group walk and lunch at the Berry Head Hotel, attended by around 60 members. Eric Evans, Chairman, led 27 walkers on a glorious summer morning up to the Berry Head coast path, well known to any Torbay walker.

The views were panoramic, the calm blue sea a reflection of an almost cloudless sky, with the Bay at its summer best, positively tropical in the sunshine. We were blessed and smiles abounded. A delicious lunch followed, at the Hotel, speeches from past and present Club Officers and a catch up with friends in ‘day wear’ rather than waterproofs and boots!

There was even a 40 years ago photo display, some members recognisable – others less so! All agreed it was a great event in a lovely setting. The South Devon Ramblers also have an active social programme and are proof that age is no barrier to having fun, learning and meeting new friends.

The event concluded with wishes for continued success, walking together into the next decade and beyond. New members always welcome, see