Small crash - big consequences

Torbay Weekly

Nobody plans to have a road accident, of course, but be careful what you run into if you get a choice of target.

This Aston Martin Vantage V12 was around £140,000 new and, after a seemingly minor knock on its rear wheel by a VW Golf at a roundabout, has to go back to the factory for repairs.

This kind of specialist car cannot be dealt with by any old local repair outfit and is therefore transported back to Newport Pagnell, where it was built. Jig measurements and re-alignment checks will be required to establish the severity of the shunt. The rear transaxle will probably be damaged, as it took a horizontal impact and this may prove extremely costly to repair.

The VW found itself in the wrong lane at a roundabout near Exeter and, instead of going round the junction again to correct the error, decided in a split second to push into the desired lane but miscalculated the speed of the other cars. The subsequent contact was enough to require both cars to be transported away and the day ruined for everyone.

Blame was fully apportioned to the VW driver thanks to a dash cam and the Aston driver’s no claims bonus remains intact with no excess payable but a substitute rental car of similar value will be charged against the VW insurer.

The knock-on effect will be a huge hike in the VW driver’s future premiums and a loss of any no claims bonus, never mind the massive inconvenience on the day and the weeks ahead without the car.

Large modern junctions can be tricky to navigate without previous knowledge of them and require careful concentration on the approach lanes. Keep in lane and do not attempt to change course halfway round. Just go round again. You will only lose 30 seconds!

The complexities of modern cars, particularly in this hybrid/electric era, will render cars to be written off for what appear to be minor traffic accidents. Insurance premiums are likely to increase, so protect your no claims bonus and avoid contact at all costs.