Shadowing Hank

Shadowing Hank - a soundalike as well as lookalike tribute

Torbay Weekly

Shadowing Hank, a tribute to the Shadows and Hank Marvin in particular, is heading to Brixham Theatre on Friday, July 29. They expressed the opinion that The Shadows had ONLY been Cliff Richard’s backing group.

Formed in 1958, initially as The Drifters, the Shadows went on to dominate the pre-Beatles, British rock and pop scene in the late 50’s and early 60’s. They were active for various periods up until 2015.

The Shadows were pioneers of the four-member line up with which we have become so familiar. Their influence on many guitarists who followed in their wake is evident. These include artists such as Brian May and Eric Clapton.

The band also had a profound influence on the musician, Justin Daish, who will be presenting his show Shadowing Hank at Brixham Theatre. This is a stunning tribute to The Shadows and lead guitarist, Hank Marvin. Justin virtually becomes the legendary performer.

Shadowing Hank is a full look-alike and sound-alike tribute to the great guitarist. It covers all areas of Marvin’s career with more recent, dynamic pieces proving this is much more than simply another sixties show.

There is a slightly larger vocal content than an original Hank Marvin concert so as to appeal to a broader audience. The vocal material includes songs by Cliff Richard and The Shadows and numbers by musicians who influenced the band such as Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and Chuck Berry.

What a line-up! Why not come and roll back the years with The Shadows’ greatest hits such as ‘Apache,’ ‘Wonderful Land’ and ‘Tapper.’ Join us for a journey through the decades and immerse yourself in the exquisite soundtrack of our lives created by Hank Marvin.

The show starts at 7.30 with doors open at 6.30 so you can enjoy a pre-show drink. Friday, July 29. Tickets are available through the box office on 01803 415987 or online at

They can also be purchased at Brixham Library or on the evening of the show in person at the box office. Price, £12, (concessions, £10 for under 18 and over 64) disabled and carer, £12 buys 2 tickets.

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