Service held to celebrate 'inspirational' Prince Philip

Torbay Weekly

A special commemoration service to celebrate the life of Prince Philip was being held in Torbay today.

It was organised for the Mayor of Torbay, Maggi Douglas-Dunbar,  and was taking place at St Pauls Church in Preston.

The service was being led by Torbay Area Dean, the Reverend Nathan Kiyaga, and the Bishop of Crediton, the Right Reverend Jackie Searle.

Father Nathan writes:

"His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has led a life worth celebrating by many. A son, soldier, husband, father, grandfather and inspiration to many.

"In 73 years he maintained his commitment to serve the queen. As a husband, he allowed his wife to excel and to support her in the many seasons of life that they have experienced. In a male dominated culture at the time, he exemplified how to treat women with respect and dignity as well as honouring the call of God on their lives.

"One other aspect that has been mentioned by many is his humour. From those who met him, he had a way of adding joy to your experience. Humour in hard times is the remedy for the soul. I am grateful that he has been that ray of sunshine for many in the engagements he has been involved with. I will remember him for his courage in World War Two, his commitment to Her Majesty the Queen and family, his commitment to the monarch and the commonwealth.

"Grief affects us differently and time as one aspect allows us to understand the impact it has on us. In Torbay, we shall gather from our different stages of grief today at 10am to remember him and the many positive contributions to society, we shall take time to grieve and grieve well as those with hope.

"The service will be broadcasted live on the council's Facebook page. This hour of prayer and reflection is an opportunity to allow all Torbay residents to come together to remember and pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh in advance of his funeral on Saturday.

"May this hero of our time be an inspiration as you reflect on how you wish to be remembered.

"In whichever way you wish to be remembered, may you be courageous enough to take the steps you need to leave the legacy that will be celebrated."