Season extended after Storm Eunice forces school to close

Torbay Weekly

If the virus doesn’t get you the storm will!

Storm Eunice closed Teign School which prevented six League fixtures taking place last Friday and will mean prolonging the season a further week.

NA Buzzard’s latest 9-0 victory over Halwell B clinches the first division title as they are now 10 points ahead of club colleagues NA Batmen with just one match to go.

Sonja Ryland’s team of Kevin Nicholls, Herbie Sage and Lauren Loosemore have the Batmen still to play but with only nine points available, NA Buzzards are champions for the first time.

Dennis and Shaun Gibbs were unbeaten in NA Batmen’s 8-1 victory at Brixham Sharks and will finish runners-up.

NA Owls still lead the second division table, their closest rivals Torre Titans, just three points behind, suffered a setback losing 5-4 to Brixham Gulls, Steve Tyler with an excellent maximum for the Brixham outfit.

NA Raptors sitting at the bottom of the table for much of the season have risen to fourth but they have now completed their campaign.

Their latest victory a 6-3 win at Brixham against the Trawlers, Paul Hine was unbeaten for the Raptors.

Torre Panthers whitewash victory over NA Ospreys takes them to the top of the third division table.

The Torre team of Alan Tyrrell, Chris Garner and Kai Holtham - Steve Russell sitting this one out - comfortably defeating the Ospreys to open up a five-point lead over second-placed NA Hawks.

NA Kestrels in third, three points behind the Hawks, defeated Torbay Academy 4 5-4, but the dropped points have made it difficult for them to sustain their challenge for the title.

It’s very tight at the bottom of the Division where The Grove boosted their chance of survival with an excellent 6-3 win over Torbay Academy 3.

The Grove looked in trouble at 3-1 down but inspired by a David Pearson maximum they won the final five sets to take the win and move off the bottom of the table.

Brixham Seals’ Terry Stead was unbeaten but NA Kites still came away from Brixham with a 6-3 victory and temporarily find themselves in the runners up spot in the Division Four table, however they have now completed their campaign and will be overtaken.

Ionel Ichim was in fine form as his maximum helped Torbay Academy 6 defeat NA Harriers 6-3.



NA Buzzards 9 (Nicholls 3, Loosemore 3, Sage 3) Halwell B 0 (Wadling 0, Symons 0, Sugden 0)

Brixham Sharks 1 (Deakin 1, Banham 0, Maynard 0) NA Batmen 8 (D Gibbs 3, S Gibbs 3, Tushingham 2)


Brixham Trawlers 3 (Saxby 2, Williamson 1) NA Raptors 6 (Hine 2, Darch 1, Sage 0, Awarded 3)

Brixham Gulls 5 (Tyler 3, Johnston 1, Sharp 1) Torre Titans 4 (Crawford 2, Harper 1, Garner 0, Awarded 1)


Torbay Academy (4) 4 (Moretta 2, Crowley 2, Harris 0)  NA Kestrels 5 (Millman 2, Wilson 2, Williams 1)

The Grove 6 (Pearson 3, Jones 2, Daly 1) Torbay Academy (3) 3 (Perry 2, Whittington 1, Neafcy 0)

Torre Panthers 9 (Tyrrell 3, Garner 3, Holtham 3) NA Ospreys 0 (Greet 0, Davies 0, Ferguson 0)


NA Harriers 3 (Haslam 2, Halse 1, Dulling 0) Torbay Academy (6) 6 (Ichim 3, Palin 2, Brookes 1)

Brixham Seals 3 (Stead 3, Thornton 0, Brown 0) NA Kites 6 (Stratton 2, Copley 2, Holmes 2)