Seafront switch on for a brighter and lighter future

Torbay Weekly

Paignton seafront faces a brighter and lighter future.

After weeks of waiting, new festoon lighting has been switched on.

Cllr Terry Manning, Mayor of Torbay, and his consort did the official switch-on honours which follow closely in the footsteps of Torquay which also boasts new lights.

The Paignton lighting was made possible following a £50,000 investment from Torbay Council. The improved illuminations run the length of Paignton Green and offer more creative lighting all-year round and are digitally controlled.

All old wiring and fittings were removed and replaced with stainless-steel wire and fittings for longevity and safety. In addition, all lamps were replaced with LED RGB fixtures with full colour correction from Danish specialist LED manufacturer Develtron. The new fixtures do not only increase lighting levels but reduce overall power consumption.

Council leader Steve Darling said; “The significant financial savings we made in 2020/21 turning around Children’s Services, meant we were able to invest £50,000 to replace the lighting. The new illuminations can be enjoyed all year round.”