Sea-Therapy and seagrass awareness on the menu at Fishcombe Cove Cafe

Torbay Weekly

The last week or so at the Cove has been filled with events.

After finally getting over our day of filming with Ainsley, we had to jump straight back on the wagon and prepare ourselves for our next event with Healthscape CIC.

We called the event Sea-Therapy as it was focused on the positive impacts cold water immersion has on us both physically and mentally.

The team who run the Healthscape charity joined us on the decking to discuss how they started and why, what they do and bought on guest speakers who asked us questions that made us reflect on decisions we make daily that impacts our mental health.

Sea swimming has had a huge impact on so many people and it was really insightful to learn about the different time we should stay in the water for depending on the temperatures - both sea and air.

They also covered topics such as how to warm up properly after going for a dip in the chillier months.

We had the brothers from Furry Hats come down with their guitars to sing some chilled rock classics throughout the event.

My parents kindly volunteered to fire up the barbecue and cooked some delicious burgers, Healthscape bought down paddleboards for VIP ticket holders to try out too.

Not only that, the sun shone throughout the whole evening. A lovely evening was had by all, and in the process we helped raise money for Healthscape by selling tickets for the event.

The very next evening saw us holding our first burger night of the season.

We didn’t quite realise how many of you wanted the return of the Fishcombe Burger Night!

I must be honest, we very nearly didn’t continue them this year - mainly due to staff issues, much like the rest of the hospitality sector struggling to get staff this year, we very much had the same issue - but we now have the absolute dream team down on the Cove, with new members Olivia, Jess and Bailey joining us at the Cove.

These guys have come into the café while it’s at its busiest and got stuck right in, I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful team working with me.

So with the extra pairs of hands on deck, return of the burger nights became our priority.

Which means every Wednesday from 6.30pm until 8.30pm, we create a meat and vegan burger... and this particular week we broke our own records for the amount of burgers created/cooked/eaten within just two hours.

We certainly deserved a beer after that shift - thank goodness for the Bayview Bar at the top of the hill... perfect distance for us to enjoy a cheeky drink afterwards.

Just as we caught up on our sleep, Tuesday, August 10, came round, and we had the lovely team from Paignton Zoo and Wild Planet Trust join us during the evening to discuss seagrass.

I was particularly excited for this event as I witness first-hand the detrimental effect that human decisions have on the seagrass bed growing off the Cove, but I also see the wonderful work people do to protect it.

To be able to host this event was an absolute pleasure. Georgie Bull and Dr Tracey Harmston, among other team members, have formed the Save the Seagrass Project with focus on spreading the word to people far and wide on why this beautiful marine plant is important to us and our marine life.

And what a good evening it was, luckily the sun shone, my parents lit the barbecue once more so we could all enjoy burgers and wild boar sausages on the beach while learning about the seagrass.

How lucky to live in an area with so many people who share passion for various topics and a want to spread the word.

It makes me proud to have a platform here to encourage people to do so.

If you have a project, group or an idea you would like to put forward with the of me hosting it for you, feel free to drop me a message via email at and we can certainly have a look at the possibility.

It’s not always about making money, it’s about helping people and raising awareness.

In the meantime, you can catch us at the café 10am until 4pm and on Wednesday nights for burgers on the beach 6.30pm until 8.30pm. Bye for now!