School fundraisers find new ways of working through pandemic

Torbay Weekly

A Paignton head teacher has praised members of the school's parent, teacher and families' association (PTFA) for their fundraising throughout the Covid pandemic.

With many fundraising opportunities being reliant on face-to-face contact events pre-pandemic, Collaton St Mary school’s PTFA have adapted and found new ways to fundraise for the school.

The PTFA group have started new initiatives that have looked to raise money through community support and online opportunities, including Your Schools Lottery, where a percentage of lottery ticket sales go towards the school; the Easyfundraising app, where online shoppers earn funds for the school and can recycling with MVV Recycling, where families and local residents donate used cans to the school.

The recycling initiative has been organised by a school parent and also came with funding to encourage pupils at the school to recycle.

Through these initiatives, the PTFA have been able to donate thousands of pounds to the school which has helped towards buying new Chromebooks, key stage one reading books and a book vending machine to promote reading in the school.

Ben Nelson-Smith, Collaton’s headteacher, said: “We are extremely lucky to have such a
close-knit community that works together in the interest of our pupils.

"Our PTFA group and parents have been extremely proactive in fundraising this year, which is having a direct positive impact on all the pupils at Collaton St Mary.”