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Sally Allen: Wolf whistles please!

Sally Allen

I would love to be young again but not in this day and age.

My brother, Michael, is five years older than me and my absolute hero from the day I was born.

I always thought that boys had so much more fun than girls and so I was, what they called in those days, a ‘tom boy’ – probably an offensive description now!

But in those early days, up until I was around ten years old, I loved that my brother and our cousin Bill, would tie me to trees and shoot arrows at me during raucous games of ‘cowboys and Indians’.

My mother was always trying to rescue me, much to my chagrin and many tears, as I was dragged away inside.

After all, what on earth could be better than having your two heroes focussing all their attention on you?

Today, health and safety would have had a field day – but we all survived.

Cuts, bruises – even one of our friends retrieving a football off the roof of my grandmother’s hotel, then falling off and a railing going through his arm! – somehow it was all taken in good spirits and dealt with, with little fuss and certainly nobody was abused, neglected or suffered from any kind of PTSD.

It was normal. We were all loved very much and just took it all as part of the growing-up learning curve.

I was at school in the 1960s and having a ball in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

I was particularly lucky because I was born in Torquay, which enabled me to be ‘riding out’ racehorses on Dartmoor for the racehorse trainer, Billie Williams very early in the morning, followed by a day’s work and then water-skiing in the early evening.

This was followed by hanging out at the Casa Marina, Mr Matts, Shiphay Manor, the Compass Club and the Carlton Club, to name just a few.

It couldn’t have got much better, but in 1975 I left for London to seek my fortune and yet more excitement.

During these halcyon days we enjoyed some of the best music ever committed to vinyl with the advent of the Beatles and the Stones and, of course, the sexual revolution with the advent of the birth control pill.

This liberated both men and women, although we weren’t liberated as much as the men in many other ways.

That has all taken much longer than it should have done.

Now America has decided to reverse the extremely hard-won landmark case of 1973 of Rowe vs Wade, which gave women an absolute right to an abortion in the first three months (trimester) of pregnancy.

In overturning this law, it has effectively ended the constitutional right to an abortion for millions of US women.

I believe this to be an astonishing and reprehensible step for women everywhere.

All women’s rights have been extremely hard won.

Though my heroine Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no longer alive to share her thoughts on the recent decision, her words and actions during her time on the US Supreme Court have sparked national debate regarding how the original decision has affected the process of government and women’s rights.

In my opinion, it should be a woman’s choice and her right to decide what to do with her body.

The reversal of this law means that women, and young girls, who are raped will have to carry the baby of her violator full-term. Now that will certainly cause the dreaded PTSD.

Why have we become obsessed with these retrograde steps in human rights in this ridiculous woke world?

On a much lighter note, I was delighted to read this week that Amanda Holden has come out of the ‘woke closet’ to actually admit that she misses wolf whistles and doesn’t care if it is considered sexist.

I have always thought that wolf whistles were a bit of harmless fun. Now they are considered sexual abuse.

How on earth could that happen?

In my opinion, we have seriously all gone mad to sit back and accept the ridiculous rules imposed by, I am not even sure by who, on this woke rubbish.

I completely agree with Amanda and just wish I was still young enough to hear a few builders pucker-up and give me a whistle!