Sally Allen: Egos and arrogance - the not-so Fab Four!

Joseph Bulmer

Well, what a show of collective massive egos and arrogance.

It is fascinating to see whose life will be the first to implode.

What a shower of the worst examples of, what used to be called, character.

Firstly, Sir Tony Blair.

I actually signed the petition to have his knighthood withdrawn and the number of people who have signed so far, is now at over one million.

I just do not understand how this self-serving politician can deserve an honour which used to be given for valour beyond the call of duty.

How on earth could he, in good conscience, take on the role of advising the murderous despot Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan for a fee of £5.3m a year?

He has no scruples – but, in truth, we should not be surprised, when this man took us into the Iraq war based on, I believe, intentionally cooked-up information.

I seriously think that this devalues everything about the honours system.

Blair was responsible for over 600 British personnel dead and over one million Iraqis dead.

How on earth does that deserve an honour - in my opinion, he should be in the dock at The Hague facing a trial on war crimes instead.

Then, of course, there is Novak Djokovic, who I hope will have been deported from Australia and not playing in the Open when this column is published.

Outstanding and breath-taking arrogance indeed. He has made it into an art form.

Moving swiftly on to Boris, whose political demise will sadly affect all of us as well as himself.

As I have said before, he clearly has to go now, and the sooner it is sorted out the better.

He might even have left the political stage by the time you read this.

It beggars belief that he has got away with the attitude of it being one rule for those in the inner circle and screw the rest of us for so long!

He has lived a Teflon existence to date, but there is no way that he will be able to escape the consequences now and the public will never forgive him, because it is now personal.

We all towed the line, including the Queen in the depths of personal despair. It was difficult for us all.

The excuse, so far, has been that the poor, hard-working people in Number 10 needed to blow off some steam because of working so hard.

I doubt that the NHS staff had the same opportunity to party after considerably harder and far more dangerous unlimited hours of incredibly hard and intense work than the civil servants and advisors in the rarefied atmosphere of Downing Street.

I am interested to know what exactly the opposition is doing on a local basis.

After all, I know Starmer is doing his best, but I am surprised that there are no local politicians in-waiting chomping at the bit to wade into the debate across the country.

I don’t even know who is going to stand in the next election for Labour or the Lib Dems in Torbay.

I would like to know who they are. They will never have a better time to set-out their stall to offer an alternative to the shockingly arrogant Government which is currently in place.

Then the doozie of them all, Andrew. Thank heavens I do not have to bother with the HRH anymore.

It was an honour given through birth and sadly squandered in a self-serving, self-important pursuit of his own pleasure, with no thought to the horrendous fallout for his faultless and, no doubt, heart-broken mother.

What with Boris and Andrew, she really has got the short straw.

Back in 1993, I received a phone call from a friend of mine to say that the Duchess of York had been caught having her toes sucked in the South of France and could I help to try to reconstruct her image!

A stretch by any standards, but we came up with a charity called Children in Crisis for her to help with children in war-torn former Yugoslavia.

The charity went from strength to strength but it was very difficult to try to change her image because at this time, she was still married to Andrew and in keeping with the rest of the characters mentioned here, they all have the astonishing arrogance and self-belief that laws and normal levels of behaviour do not apply to them, and that they are above the normal level of requirements that we all adhere to.

Coupled with a massive dose of self-entitlement, it is a recipe for disaster.