Rowing club backs Bob's 365 Sea Swim Challenge

Torbay Weekly

A Brixham Gig Rowing Club member is undertaking a 365 Sea Swim Challenge where he must swim in the sea without a wetsuit every day for a year.

Bob Moulden has set himself a target of raising £2,000 - with monies to be split 80 per cent for Muscular Dystrophy UK and 20 per cent towards the 365 Legacy Fund.

On a lovely, hot day, with a calm sea you may think what challenge is there in that, but in the depths of winter, in a rough sea, wearing only swimming shorts, how many of you would want to get in then?

Factor in that Bob is aged 68, suffers from arthritis, isn’t the strongest of swimmers and has also been bitten by a seal and you may now see how much of a challenge he has set himself.

Brixham Gig Rowing Club has supported Bob with a £250 donation, and individual members have also done so but at present Bob is falling short of his target and only has until the autumn to achieve it.

To donate, log on to Bob's GoFundMe page at and search for '365 Swim Challenge – Bob Moulden'.