Rowing: GB rower is guest of honour at presentation night

Torbay Weekly

Castle Dore Rowing Club, in support of club member Jo Virr the current president of the West of England Amateur Rowing Association, hosted the president’s night and the association championship presentation evening at the Eden Project.

Speaker and guest of honour was GB rower Anna Watkins, a double Olympian, having won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics, and a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, both in the double sculls.

She has also won four medals in the world championships, winning gold in successive years, in 2010 and in 2011.

Anna made an inspirational speech which ended with Anna passing around her Olympic medals for rowers handle, wear and enjoy.

Later, Anna handed out the championship trophies, medals and awards with the two river Dart clubs both successful with Dart Totnes winning seven championships and the coxed fours points trophy, and Dartmouth winning three championships.

The West of England Amateur Rowing Association 2021 season was held over a seven regatta series.

Normally the championships are staged over ten regattas but Bideford, Appledore and Falmouth were unable to be held because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Trophies were also presented to Southwest Coastal Rowing League winners.

The 2021 West of England ARA Champions are:

Men’s senior A coxed fours: No championship

Men’s senior B coxed fours: Exeter RC – G Rymell, W McCloskey, O Wickham, A Bewes

Men’s senior C coxed fours: Exeter RC - G Rymell, W McCloskey, B Sullivan, O Wickham, A Bewes

Men’s novice coxed fours: Plymouth

Men’s under-18 coxed fours: No championship

Men’s under-16 coxed quadruple sculls: Dart Totnes – S Freeland, J Burridge, J Jarvis, C Abel

Men’s under-14 coxed quadruple sculls: Bideford Reds – K Batten, R Peart, S Peart, E Cornish, S Robinson

Men’s masters coxed fours: Dart Totnes – M Jarrold, M Treais, N Brown, D Simmonds

Men’s senior A single sculls: Dart Totnes - Elliot Barton

Men’s senior B single sculls: No championship

Men’s senior C single sculls: Bideford Reds - Luis Wilkins

Men’s novice single sculls: Dartmouth – Josh Pichowski

Men’s under-18 single sculls: Bideford Blues - Barney Evans

Men’s under-16 singles sculls: Castle Dore – Robin Smith

Men’s under-14 single sculls: Castle Dore - Will Hughes

Ladies' senior A coxed fours: No championship

Ladies' senior B coxed fours: Castle Dore – S Pallet, J Colton, A Bloomer, I Vale, G Gowing

Ladies' senior C coxed fours: Dartmouth – Tess Preston, Ellie Malley, Lottie Cusack, Ellie Langman

Ladies' novice coxed fours: three way tie – Dartmouth, Dart Totnes, Castle Dore

Ladies' under-18 coxed fours: Castle Dore – N Cherry, S Pallet, A Asquith, D Lucas, I Taylor, H de Grey Worter

Ladies' under-16 coxed quadruple sculls: Exeter – A Simpson, L Webber, T Wickers, H Creasey, S Harlow, E O’Brien

Ladies' under-14 coxed quadruple sculls: Castle Dore – S Mitchell, M van de Broek, E Owen, H du Cross, E Sharratt

Ladies' masters coxed fours: Dart Totnes – K Hutchinson, L Mapelli, L Broad, J Riou, L Baumback

Ladies' senior A single sculls: Castle Dore – Jade Colton

Ladies' senior B single sculls: Castle Dore – Anna Bloomer

Ladies' senior C single sculls: Castle Dore – Georgia Gowing

Ladies' novice single sculls: Dart Totnes – A Heywood, E Fowlds, H Crawford

Ladies' under-18 single sculls: Dart Totnes – Isobel Burridge

Ladies' under-16 single sculls: Exeter – Lucy Webber

Ladies' under-14 single sculls: Castle Dore – Millie van de Broek

Coxed fours points: 1 Dart Totnes 101.25 pts 2 Castle Dore 84 pts 3 Exeter 61 pts

Single sculls points: 1 Castle Dore 27 points 2 Dart Totnes 20 points 3 Exeter 13 pts.

SWCRL final positions:

Ladies' quads: 1 Jurassica (49pts) 2 Exmouth A (42pts) 3 Mayflower ORC A (22pts)

Men’s quads: 1= Teign Scullers A (41pts) 1= Exmouth A (41 pts) 3 Barbarians (29pts)

Masters' quads: 1 Jurassica (42pts) 2 Exmouth A (33pts) 3 Mayflower ORC (27pts)

Mixed quads: 1 Teign Scullers A (42pts) 2 Exmouth A (41pts) 3 Exmouth B (26pts)

Ladies' singles: 1 Marie G – Exmouth (28pts), 2 Fiona P – Exmouth (22pts), 3 Kath CJ – Barbarians (17pts)

Ladies' doubles: 1 Anna & Judith – Exmouth (29pts), 2 Wendy & Harriott – Teign Scullers (19pts), 3 Rachel & Ali – Teign Scullers (17pts)

Ladies' masters singles: 1 Heather P – Mayflower ORC (12pts)

Ladies' masters doubles: 1 Gill & Heather – Mayflower ORC (6pts)

Men’s masters doubles: 1 Andy & John – Carrick RC (16pts), 2 Richard & Ian –Torquay RC (13pts), 3 Andy & Rupert – Teign Scullers (6pts)

Men’s singles: 1 Will L – Exmouth (42pts), 2 Til A – Barbarians (26pts), 3 Robin S – Mayflower ORC (15pts)

Men’s masters singles: 1 Bob C – Barbarians (40pts), 2 Jan C – Barbarians (32pts), 3 Rich N – Barbarians (17pts)

Men’s doubles: 1 Jago & Fred – Carrick RC (6pts), 2 Tom & Tim – Carmarthen RC (6pts), 3 Tom & Peter – Mayflower ORC (6pts)

Mixed doubles: 1 Wendy & Patrick – Teign Scullers (29pts), 2 Heather & Tom – Mayflower ORC (13pts), 3= Claire & Will – Barbarians (6pts), Emma & Harry – Carrick RC (6pts), Fiona & Robin – Mayflower ORC (6pts), Swyn & Tom – Carmarthen RC (6pts)

2021 Champion Club: 1 Exmouth (9pts) 2= Jurassica (6pts) 2= Teign Scullers (6pts).