Rowing: Excellent conditions for river Dart racing

Torbay Weekly

Dart Totnes Rowing Club hosted the Totnes Autumn Head held over a 3,000 metre course on the river Dart from the broken steamer at Mill Creek to the turning bay.

Conditions were excellent with extremely fine weather for October despite the early mist.

The 242 entries were split into three divisions to allow the opportunity to compete in more than one class.

The first division ran just after low tide but at 1.9m, it was ideal.

This allowed the club to run all three divisions comfortably with division three just before the top of the tide.

Once the mist cleared competitors enjoyed a warm day with a very slight tailwind which was conducive to fast times.

Dart Totnes veteran Peter Atkinson said, “We were pleased to receive entries from the three schools through various contacts and all three have vowed to come back next year.

"What was also pleasing was a wide spread of medal-winning clubs.

"Although we had the course record, I think the performance of the day came from Tim Wilkinson from Greenbank Falmouth in division two.”

Division one was won by the Dart Totnes men’s open double sculls crew of Elliot Barton and Mladen Mcannovic in a time of 9 minutes 51 seconds.

Division two was won by men’s open single sculls sculler Wilkinson of Greenbank Falmouth in 9 minutes 57 seconds and division three was won by the Dart Totnes men’s open quadruple sculls crew of Peter Atkinson, Rod Stewart, Elliot Barton and Mladen Mcannovic in a course record time of 9 minutes 27 seconds.

Medal winners

Division One - Men’s open double sculls: Dart Totnes. Men’s novice coxed fours: Dart Totnes/UPRC. Men’s novice double sculls: Canford School. Men’s under-16 coxed quadruple sculls: Westminster School. Men’s under-18 double sculls: Bideford Blues. Men’s masters (C) single sculls: Greenbank Falmouth. Men’s masters (E) single sculls: Bideford Blues. Men’s masters (F) single sculls: Stourport. Ladies' under-18 double sculls: Exeter. Men’s under-15 double sculls: Plymouth. Ladies' under-16 double sculls: Exeter. Ladies' senior C single sculls: Exeter. Men’s under-14 single sculls: Exeter. Ladies' novice single sculls: Greenbank Falmouth. Ladies' under-15 single sculls: Greenbank Falmouth

Division 2 - Men’s open single sculls: Greenbank Falmouth. Men’s senior C coxed fours: Bryanston School. Men’s under-15 coxed quadruple sculls: Dart Totnes. Men’s open coxless pairs: Canford School. Ladies' senior C coxed fours: Canford School. Men’s under-16 single sculls: Dart Totnes. Men’s under-18 single sculls: Bideford Blues. Men’s under-16 coxed quadruple sculls: Exeter. Ladies' novice double sculls: Bryanston School. Ladies' under-15 double sculls: Dart Totnes.

Division 3 - Men’s open quadruple sculls: Dart Totnes. Men’s senior C single sculls: UPRC. Men’s under-18 single sculls: Exeter. Ladies' open single sculls: Dart Totnes. Men’s under-16 double sculls: Bideford Reds. Men’s under-14 coxed quadruple sculls: Paignton. Ladies' under-16 single sculls: Exeter.

Meanwhile, Exmouth Rowing Club hosted the eighth regatta of the South West Coastal Rowing League, the Exe Raid, offering coastal/estuary and beach-front racing over 8k and 4k.

Good weather and ideal racing conditions greeted the 50 entries for the 11 races.

Results: Ladies' quads: 1 Teign A, 2 Exmouth A, 3 Jurassica. Men’s quads: 1 Exmouth A, 2 Teign A, 3 Mayflower A. Exe Challenge: 1 Exmouth, 2 Exmouth, 3 Exmouth. Open quads: 1 Jurassica, 2 Exmouth B, 3 Exmouth A. Mixed quads: 1 Exmouth B, 2 Jurassica, 3 Exmouth A. Ladies' single sculls: 1 Rachel Palmer - Teign, 2 Andi Davies - Dolphin, 3 Sarah Luxton - Teign. Men’s single sculls: 1 Will Loftus - Exmouth, 2 Tim Chesworth - Independent, 3 Tom Brain - Mumbles. Men’s masters single sculls: 1 Tim Fenemore - Barbarians, 2 Steve Hockings Thompson - Exmouth, 3 Bob Cottell - Barbarians. Men’s masters double sculls: 1 Andy and John - Carrick. Ladies' double sculls: 1 Rachel P and Ali U - Teign, 2 Wendy and Harriet - Teign. Mixed double sculls: 1 Fiona Carmichael and Robin Steward - Mayflower,  2 Claire Allinso and Joey Stafford - Exmouth.