Rotary Round-up: Guitars hit the right note at SPACE 

Torbay Weekly

Rotary Round-up by Torbay Rotarian Kathy Uglow:

When Sunrise Rotary Club offered six fully-restored electric guitars to a local support group, they knew it would be music to their ears.

SPACE, which assists adults with learning disabilities and autism in Torbay, were keen to launch a music group so when the offer of guitars was made, they were overjoyed.

The unwanted guitars, which were destined for waste, were kindly restored by Torbay Guitar Repairs Ltd and then passed to the Rotary Club of Torbay Sunrise to go to a worthy cause.

Steve Holdup, vice president at Sunrise, said: “These beautiful guitars were so well received at SPACE and have already given lots of joy to the new students. The group is now hoping to expand.”

Members of Torbay Sunrise would be very happy to hear from anyone wishes to donate any unwanted musical instruments to assist the group. Sunrise can be contacted by email at

Plea for storage

Rotary clubs in Torquay support a charity called PhysioNet by collecting unused items of disability equipment and sending them to countries most in need.

Graham Doodson, a member of Torquay Rotary Club, said: “We need help at the moment with somewhere to store these items until there are enough to make another shipment.

“We have been using a store in Preston for years but we have to relinquish it next month so we are desperate for somewhere to store the items until they can be collected by PhysioNet.

"We need something like a storeroom, shed or garage for just occasional access.”

PhysioNet is a UK-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to helping some of the most marginalised people in the world by supplying children and adults with disability equipment considered surplus or redundant in the UK.

Each year PhysioNet collects and then supplies items of physiotherapy and paediatric equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking sticks, crutches and walking frames that would have normally ended up in landfill.

If anyone can assist with storage and help to continue this vital work, please contact Graham on 01803 605737.