Roger puts on 'wheely' good show for Probus members

Torbay Weekly

Roger Hamilton put on a 'wheely' good show for members of the Babbacombe & St Marychurch Probus Club

He gave a talk with the title 'The Wheel'.

His presentation was a journey from the 5th Millenium Before the Common Era (BCE) when the Potter’s Wheel was invented, through the development of the solid-wheeled wagons in the 4th millenium BCE to the spoked-wheeled chariots of the 2nd millenium BCE.

Roger showed pictures of a modern wheelwright making a spoked carriage wheel and then discussed some of the enormous variety of wheeled vehicles that have existed and been relied on for hundreds of years.

He then looked at specialised wheels for things like road rollers, the fore-runners of caterpillar-tracked vehicles, the high speed cars such as Bluebird, steam locomotives and aeroplanes.