Rock Walk gets new lease of LIGHT

Torbay Weekly

Torquay's picture post card Rock Walk is getting a new lease of light!

Work has stated on a new project to restore the Royal Terrace Gardens  back to their former colourful glory.

Phase One of the Lightplay scheme is underway with local contractors Drew & Co appointed to work with the award-winning Michael Grubb Studio to complete the installation.
The works, which are expected to last for about three weeks will see remedial works taking place that include fault finding, repairing damaged lighting / circuitry and replacing lighting as required.

The second phase is expected to begin at the end of the summer with the creative design influenced by the residents of Torbay, who
as part of the consultation exercise gave their views about the proposed designs and suggestions for themes or stories, they would like to form part of the seafront experience.
The project has been made possible using £200,000 of the £750,000 accelerated funding received as part of the first
phase of the Town Investment Plan to enhance areas of key public realm within Torquay.

Torbay Council hopes the installation of more creative lighting will encourage more people to connect with the seafront all
year round, as well as offering a boost to the night-time economy.

Torquay Museum curators have been supporting the design by sharing their collections with the team working on the designs. As part of the consultation, Torbay residents expressed a strong desire to see the natural heritage of the area celebrated, with the UNESCO
designation and famous local figures including scientist Amelia Griffiths (1768-1858) and geologist and archaeologist William Pengelly (1812-1894) mentioned.
Vince Flower, Chairman of the Town Board, said; “This is the first phase of the Town Investment Plan, with longer term objectives including additional private and public sector investment, and new jobs. The Town Board is excited to see our ambitious plan to revitalise and regenerate the town move forward.”
Jacob Brandon, Chair of Torbay Culture, said: " The new lighting will reflect and celebrate the fascinating cultural heritage of the place, specifically the natural environment, geology and science which is exactly why we are already recognised by