Richard's tribute to heroes of pandemic

Torbay Weekly

Pub boss Richard Molloy has praised the customers who stuck with him during Covid - and all those who went the extra mile to help others through the worst pandemic in 100 years.

Richard set up his own Facebook Zombies Inc delivery service when the pandemic forced him to close his pub doors.

He says his praise is for everyone but 'especially those who had to work in scary environments'

He says: "Fear is obviously relative, so to anyone who was frightened and got through their day, hats off. The Zombies Inc delivery service was just something that happened.

"It didn't make a lot of money, but it was enjoyable and a welcome distraction for me. The best thing was the communal support created by the people. I'll never forget it."

He added: "Thank you to all who contributed, bought beer and joined in the fun and goodwill in the most adverse of situations.

"Twelve months of chaotic silence best forgotten for the most part. But there was beauty in that hell; an uncovering of strength hidden by the modest.

"Heroes previously hidden in plain sight were highlighted, haloed and overworked. They won't be forgotten. Every single person that took a deep breath before braving the outside world and the dangers inherent should recall their resolve, pin it to the and look at it every day.

"The next best thing to survival will be pride in our actions. The knowledge that we did right by others and that we will have all altered a little; taken a backward step and melted the pleasures and freedoms we took for granted with hope for the future.

"But most importantly we must not forget those who pulled our weight without push nor recompense. Those that just did what needed to be done when it was needed most. You should feel neither guilt nor shame in your self pride. It is the very least you are due."

Molloys at St Marychurch in Torquay is open and doing well because of its beer garden. Molloys at Teignmouth opened and then closed again - but May 17 is coming.