Remembering our loved ones this Christmas

Torbay Weekly

For some of us, Christmas is a bittersweet time of year. It’s a time of festive warmth and joy, but it can also be a time of great sadness - when we miss wholeheartedly our loved ones who are no longer with us.

That’s why, every December, Rowcroft Hospice holds a ‘Light up a Life’ celebration – open to everyone in the community as an opportunity to honour, remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones lost.

Rowcroft would like to thank all those who have already joined this year’s Light up a Life celebration by making a dedication to honour their loved ones. The names of loved ones are listed here as a poignant celebration of their lives. And throughout the festive season, a light is shining brightly in their honour on Rowcroft’s ‘Tree of Light’ in the hospice grounds in Avenue Road, Torquay.

If you’d like to dedicate a light on Rowcroft’s Tree of Light, then you can do so by visiting Rowcroft’s website at and with a small donation to Rowcroft, you can help the charity care for local patients and families who are facing the hardest times imaginable this Christmas.

“Light up a Life is for everyone wishing to remember a loved one, not just those families cared for by Rowcroft,” said Rebecca Cogger, Rowcroft’s In Memory Giving and Legacy Manager.

“Our Light up a Life celebration invites you to dedicate a light on our ‘Tree of Light’, in memory of those special people who shine brightly in your heart and who are truly missed every day. Through Light up a Life, we can remember our loved ones in a meaningful way – something particularly important at Christmas-time when we’re feeling our loss even more.”

The stunning Tree of Light, which nestles in Rowcroft’s beautiful garden in Torquay, was illuminated in early December and is now sparkling with hundreds of lights, glittering like jewels in memory of those who are no longer with us.

At any point during the festive season, Rowcroft invites you to visit the ‘Tree of Light’ and to take time to wander through the peaceful gardens, or to simply sit and reflect. You’re also invited to view the online Light up a Life celebration (, which includes heart-warming readings and poems, soothing music and quiet time to reflect on treasured memories.

“Through Light up a Life, people can make a real difference to the lives of so many local patients and families needing Rowcroft’s expert care and support this Christmas,” said Rebecca.

“Every kind donation will be used by our Hospice at Home team to care for people at home in their last two weeks of life. It will help families to make the most of precious moments and enable patients to achieve their final wish to be at home when they die.”

For people like Judith McMahon from Paignton, this specialist care made such a difference to her and her beloved husband John, who passed away at home after deteriorating rapidly from a brain tumour, as Judith explains:

“I was woken by the Rowcroft nurse who said ‘I think John’s going.’ I managed to hug him and he opened his eyes and he died in my arms. I can’t describe it. To see him relaxed, and for him to be able to die peacefully in a dignified way, it makes such a difference to my life now. The Hospice at Home team made an unbearable experience bearable for me.”

Rowcroft’s Light up a Life event is generously sponsored by Wollens Solicitors of Torquay. To find out more about Light up a Life or to make a dedication, please visit or telephone: 01803 217642.

In loving memory and to honour and celebrate the lives of:

Beatrice Rose Abraham

Maurice Charles Abraham

Robert Charles Abraham

David Adams

Betty Adkins

Graham Allen

Phil Allen

Andy Anderson

Joan Anderson

Queenie Anderson

Bill Andrews

David Andrews

Derek Andrews

Russell Andrews

Yvonne Andrews

Sharon Andrianjafy

Barbara Joyce Appleby

Heather Appleby

Richard Appleby

Ann Archer

Stuart Argyle

Barry Armstrong

Eleni Arnaouti

Annette Arnold

Cynthia Arscott

Dave Artz

Rose Artz

Mark Ashby

Joshua Ashton

Amanda Attree

Amanda L Attree

Frankie Auld

John Barrie Austin

William Donald Avery

Lesley and Reg Ayres

Audrey Bailey

Robert 'Bob' Bailey

Robert Baker

Beryl Ball

Lily Ball

Liz Ball

Richard Ball

Doreen Bamforth

Peter Bamsey

Ralph Bamsey

Bob (Robert) Bancroft

Jim Banks

Stephen Bannister

Chester Barnes

Carol Barrett

Hannah Gabrielle Bastone

David Bate

Olive Bate

Keith Batsford

Frank Batten

Jack Batten

Dorothy Battershill

Frank Battershill

Beryl Batton

Sue Bayley

Bob Beales

Gwen Beales

Doreen Beard

Edith Bearne

Miriam Ruth Beckett

David James Bedborough

Malcolm Raymond Bedborough

Cyril Beer

Edward Beer

Phylis Beer

Robert Beer

Richard Bell

David Bellchambers

Benjamin Bellingham

Rae Bennett

Wendy Bennett

Wendy Anne Bennett

Ken and May Benson

Miles Benstead

Peggy Beresford

Simon Berryman

Sonia Berryman

Stan Berryman

Terry Biggs

Les Binham

Janet Binks

Lady Sadie Birkin

Kim Birmingham

Tom and Hazel Birney

Billie Bishop

Joy Bishop

Maurice Bishop

David Blackler

David Bryan Blackler

Alan Blackmore

Colin Blackmore

Debbie Blackmore

Philip Blackmore

Ron Blackmore

Eric Blake

Ronald Blee

Douglas  Board

Gwendoline Board

Lyn & Ken Bolton

Gwen and Arthur Bond

Norman Bond

Paul Boone

Geoff Booth

Alfred Borg

Tracy Borg

Bridget Boswell

Barbara Bovey

Jack Bovey

Joy Bowden

Lena Bowden

Vivian Bowden

Patricia Bowhay

Catherine Bowles

Sandra Bowman

Joyce Box

David Boyd

Isabel Bradbrook

Diane Brady/Lavis

Bett Bremridge

Ken Bremridge

John Gerald Brennan

Josephine (Jo) Brewer

Kelvin Briard

Marina Briggs

Roger Briggs

Robin Bright

Martin Brimicombe

Joan Brinham

Patty Brinham

Barry Briscoe

Edward Britton-Wainright

Rita Britton-Wainright

Marjorie and Charlie Broadfoot

Alan Broadhead

John Trefor Brocklebank

George & Norma Brockwell

Michael  Brookes

Anne Brooking

Derek Brooking

Ernest Brooking

Ken Brooking

Heather Brothwood

Andrew  Broughton

Stan Brown

Sue Brown

Susan Brown

Amelia and Bert Bryant

Keith Bryant

Anne Budd

Mary Budd

Henry Burden

Helen Margaret Burgess

Mavis Burgoyne

Tony Burke

Doreen Burlace

Reg Burlace

Mary Burston

Ivy Burton

Michael Burton

Norma Burton

Ronald Burton

Annie E (Nancy) Bush

Clifford C Bush

Edward (Ted) Bush

Pamela (Pam) Bush

Pamela Butcher

Hazel Mary Butler

Patrick John Butler

Dennis Butt

Alfred Butterworth

Francis Cadman

John Campbell

Doreen Cane

Maurice Cane

John Cantrell

Jack Carasso

Jane Carasso

Gary Carlin

Aveline Carncross

Gerry Carroll

Dave Carter

Claire Cassidy

Paul Cassidy

Phyllis Catchpole

William Catchpole

Des Cattell

June Shirley Cavie

Walter Cemm

David Chadwick

Stephen Chalk

Paul Chamberlain

Nancy Chaplin

John Charalambous

Juliet Charman

Daphne Chesterfield

David Christie

Rita Christie

Peter Christie

Ronald Churchill

James Churchward

Gladys Clark

Janet Clark

Margery Clark

James Clark

Eirlys Clarke

Richard Brian Clarke

Robert Clarke

William Raymond Alfred Clarke

Bernard  Clarke

Everald and John Clarke

Pam Clarke

Catherine Clarke

Percy Clarke

John Clayden

Irene Cleanthos

Aubrey Clook

Betty Clook

Patrick Wrayford Coaker

Don Cochrane

Gerald Cole

Gerald Anthony Cole

William Cole

Don Coleman

Eileen Coleman

Derrick Collier

Mervyn Collier

Phyllis Collier

Doris Collins

Harold Collins

John Collins

Margaret Collins

Roy Collins

Dennis Colville

John Christopher Combes

Stanley Conder

Ron Connor

Violet Connor

Karen Conway

Stan and Florence Conway

Beatrice and Douglas Coombes

Madelaine Coombes

Murray Coombes

Andrew  Cooper

Cedric Bernard Cooper

David Anthony Cooper

Joyce Cooper

Victor Cooper

Gillian Mary Cornes

David Michael Cose

Pierre Cotter

Brian Wilfred Alan Cottrell

Lee Courtenay

Charlie, Kelly and John Cox

Dennis Cox

Sandra Crabtree

Verdi Cremonesi

Norman Critchley

Gordon Crompton

John Cronin

Samantha Crossman-Emms

Grace Crouter

Trevor Curry

Albert Curtis

Jean Cuss

Daren Dagnall

Jerry, Elsie, Beryl and Clive Daines

Frank Edwin Dance

Teddy Vinnie Dandy

Pat Daniels

Peter (Darkie) Darke

Alice Davey

Ray Davey

Adrian Davies

Derek Davies

Kimberly Davies

Brian Davison

Edna Davison

John (Jack) Davison

Aleana Day

Mandy Day

Reginald Deegan

Peggy Deen

George and Bessy Delve

Lilian Denbow

Pete Denham

Neville Denmead

Anne Dewhurst

Louise and Peter Di Guiseppe

David John Discombe

Janine Di-Vincenzo

David Dodd

Louise Vivien Dodd

Michael John Dodd

Miriam Dodd

Phillip Dodd

Louise Dodd

Jim Dolan

May Dolan

Nicholas Dolan

Paddy Dolan

Janet Donald

Leslie Doney

Sylvia Doney

Bryan Dovey

Milly Dovey

Janice Dowd

Doris Downton

Len Downton

Geoffrey Dredge

June Dredge

Richard Dredge

Martin Drein

Colin Drew

Yvonne Drew

Eleanor Drewett

Leslie Drewett

Elizabeth Driver

Rita Driver

Edna and George Druce

Craig Duffy

Rita Marjorie Duncan

Sue Duncan

Anne Elizabeth Dunn

Eleanor Dunn

Fred Dunn

Marion Janet Dunn

Pamela Dyer

Sheila Mary Dyke

Peter Dymond

Alan Eales

Christopher Eales

David Eales

John Eames

Sarah Edmonds

Alice Edwards

Bill Edwards

John Eldergill

Barrie Eley

Barry Elliott

Marlies Elson

Thomas  Elvidge

Barbara  Emery

Bernard  Evans

Brian Colin Evans

Malcolm Leonard Evans

Jemima Everett

Walter Everett

David Ewing

Terry Fahey

Lillian Fairfield

Wullie Fairfield

Derek Fairweather

Kath Fairweather

Ann Fardon

Sheryl Farrant

Wilma Farrell

Leonard Sidney John Fewings

Lorna Ellen Fewings

Gladys Finch

Jack Finch

John Finch

Lesley Finch

Peggy and Eric Fisher

Elsie and Tom Fletcher

Jack Fletcher

Patricia Flook

Ginny Foale

Irene Forbes

Eileen E Ford

Margaret Ford

Sylvia Ford

Gwen Foreman

Ellena and Bob Forrow

Mavis Fox

Colin Foxworthy

Elsie Foxworthy

Eric Foxworthy

F G (Tom) Foxworthy

Linda Foxworthy

Percy Frain

Kerry Ann Frampton

Jennifer Louise Francis

Julie French

Elizabeth Furneaux

Ernest Furneaux

Patricia Furneaux

Tom Furneaux

Neil Gagg

Bob and Edith Gair

Mum and Dad Gait

Agnes Ruth Gaitley

George Lawrence Gaitley

Anthony David Gale

Josephine Margaret Ann Gale

Mary Gallear

Thomas Gallear

Derek Gallivar

Jean Galsworthy

Michael Gardiner

Kenny Garner

Derrick Garnett

Dacre Garside

Joan Garstang

Margaret Theresa Gavin

Ena Gell

Geoffrey Gell

Leonard Gell

Beatrice Gelsthorpe

Derrick Gelsthorpe

Ernest Gelsthorpe

Nora Gibbins

Phyllis Gibbins

Robert Gibbins

Claire Gibson

Geraldine Gibson

Joe Gibson

Matthew Gibson

Millie Gibson

Eileen Giffard

Lorraine Elizabeth Giffard

Morveen Giffard

Auntie Tina Gilligan

Shirley and Brian Gilpin

Jill Margaret Gladwin

Linda Mary Glanvill

Leonard Glanville

Henry Glover

Susan Glover

Ann Goddard

Gwen Godfrey

Jean Gold

Ray Goldsack

Angela Gorbell

Lucy Gorbell

Jean Grainger

Stephen Gray

Hazel Greaves

Betty Green

Jamie Green

Ray Green

Marius Greenfield

George Greensmith

Paul Greensmith

Brian Gregory

Dawn Louise Gregory

John Gregory

Lorna Patricia Gregory

Sylvia Gregory

Martin Griffin

David and Evelyn Griffiths

Patrick Grimstead

Betty Groves

Gordon Groves

Kim Gudgeon

Janice Guest

Irene Guirl

Leonard Guirl

Kathleen Gunia

Ludwik Gunia

Colin Guthrie

Eileen Gwinnell

Eileen Margaret Gwinnell

Ruth Gynn

John Haines

Ted Hall

Mary Halle

Peter John Hallett

Clive Ham

Kate Hammond (née Darke)

Bill Hancock

Edith Hancock

Peter Hancock

Trevor Hancock

Llewellyn Handford

Donald Hands

Stuart Hands

Lynne Harbottle

Lynne Harbottle neé Capp

John & Shirley Harding

Stewart  Hardwell

Ann Harris

Arthur Harris

Frances Harris

Helen Harris

Katherine Harris

Maureen Harris

Norman Harris

Ronald Harris

John Harris

Malcolm John Harris

Barbara Harrison

Christine Harrison

Robert Harrison

Brian Harvey

Jean Harvey

Caroline Hatch

Janet Hatton

Francis Hawke

Jack. C. Hawkins

John. P. Hawkins

Patricia. M. Hawkins

Barry Haycraft

Evelyn and Ed Heale

Reg Heard

Daphne Elizabeth Hearn

Edward Heathfield

Hilda Heaton

David Hecquet

Ruth Hecquet

Ron Helps

Edith Hemper

Maureen Hemper

William Hemper

William Henley

Bryan F J Henwood

Maureen B Henwood

Kenneth Heritage

Rhona Hewings

Queenie Hewitt

John Hext

Reginald Hext

John Frank Hiles

Agnes Louisa and John Hill

Andy Hill

Sharon Hill

Brian Kenneth Hindom

Geoff Hiscock

Philip Hitti

Margaret Hale

Brian Hoare

Jenny Hobbs

Stella Hodgkiss

John Hodgson

Barbara Holden

Susanne Holding

William George Hole

Eric Holland

Samuel Holland

Jenny Holley

David Hollingworth

Hilda Hollyoak

Alan Leslie Holman

Brian Honeywill

Ian Honeywill

Zak Hooper

Irene Hooton

Maurice Hooton

Denise Hope

George Hopkins

Margaret Hopkins

Barbara Hopkinson

Brian Hopkinson

Irene Hoppin

Bill Horton

Rose Horton

Ruth Horwood

Penny Houghton

David Hoult

Peter Hounsell

Geoffrey Roy House

Aevin Howard

Derrick Howard

Maisie Howard

Maureen Howard

Sandra Howard

Sheila Howard

Mary Huddison

Cathy Hudson

John Hughes

Colin Humble

Alan Hunt

Colin Hunt

Alison Hurrell

Louisa and Arthur Hurst

Buck Hutchings

Diane Hutchings

Marjorie Hutchings

Mike Hutchins

Mrs H Hutt

Ann Hyatt

Dennis James Igle

Martin Isaacs

Richard Isaacs

Reginald Jackman

Patricia Jackson

David Jambor

Michael James

Richard Jaycock

Patricia Jelfs

Margaret Jill Mann

Elizabeth Johnson

Jane Johnson

Susan Johnson

Alan Jones

Brian Jones

Glyn Jones

Helen Jones

Hugh and June Jones

Margaret Jones

Phil Jones

Sam Jones

Samantha Jones

Shirle Jones

Roy Jones

Anne Juliet Jones

The Jones's

David Kelly

Susan Kelly

Basil Kennard

Gary Vincent King

Joan King

Kathleen King

Margaret King

Shirley Meriel Kingdon

Jenny Kinsey

Carole Kinsley

Daisy Kinsley

Jack Kinsley

Sheila Knott

George Knowles

Margaret Knowles

John Knowlson

Lilian Knox

Vernocia Kolkin

Rajendra Kumar

Rosemary Kumar

Bernardino Labajo Jnr

Bill Laban

Nancy Laban

Paul Labistour

Vivienne Labistour

Raymond Lacey

Ian Laird

Nellie Laird

Janette Lane

Jean Lang

Ken Lang

Peggy Lang

Sandra Lang

Carol Langley

Denis and Joan Langmead

Brian Langworthy

Edna Lapthorn

Jack Lapthorn

Bill Latham

Philip (Kidd) Laverty

Thomas Lawrence

Clem Lawton

Clement Lawton

John E Leach

Nielsen Paul Leahy

Frank Leather

Cynthia Lee

Daisy Lee

David Lee

Ethel Lee

Marie Lee

Michael Lee

Noreen Lee

Ronald Lee

Willoughby Lee

Kitty Leedham

John Leigh

Maureen Lemm

Jeanne Lenz

Derek and Norma Lilley

Jacquie Lines

Sandra Locke

Adassa Lopez

Mark Lovell

Ronald Lovell

John Lovett

David Low

Anna Lowe

Bill Lucas

Shelagh Lucas

Geoffrey Luckham

David Luckhurst

Michael Lunn

Kevin Lynch

Lillian Lynn

Dawn (Nanna) Lysser

Mercedes MacGillivray

Maureen Mack

Joan Mackintosh (Avery)

Patricia Maddox

Bob Main

Steven Main

Anna Manning

Betty Marriott

Betty Ann Marriott

Michael Marshall

Kevin Martin

Mrs Mabel Maslin

Eunice Mason

Lily & Bill Masson

Peter Matthews

Richard Matthews

Wendy Matthews

Donald Maud

Mildred Maunder

William Maunder

Rodger James Maxwell

Karen Louise May

The Mayne's

John McAlpine

Christy McCaffrey

James A.P. McCullock

Dennis McFaul

Eileen McGill

Cathrine McGuiness Elliott

Rosalind McKeown

Patricia McLaughlin

Elizabeth McNaught

Emily McQueen

James McQueen

Kathy McVay

Valerie Mead

John Medforth

Mary Medforth

Jim & Nance Mellor

Mum and Dad Mellor

Brian Merrell

Bill Metcalf

Diane Metcalfe

Ian Metcalfe

Derek Middleton

Ann Midgley

George Midgley

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Frederick and Monica Midmore

Leslie Mileham

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Josie Miller

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Hilary Mills

Kevin John Mills

Tom Mills

Tracey Mills

Irma Millson

Gerald Mockler

Dena Modrzew

Arthur Henry Mogford

Keith Monham

Jane Monk

Phyllis Monk

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Joyce Morrin

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Patricia Morrison

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'Sister Joy' Nicholson

Peter Nickell

Susan Noble

Freda Noden

William Thomas Noon

Victor Norman

Roy Brian North

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Lionel Offer

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Margaret Oliver

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Alice O'Neil

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Derek Orton

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Madeleine Page-Dove

Arthur Leslie Palfrey

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Mr W J A (Bill) Palmer

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Stephen Parker

Sue Parmiter

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Ted Parrott

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Maureen Reynolds

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Marilyn Elizabeth Roland

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