Relief as Bay charity turns Santa to flush away loos blues

Torbay Weekly

A Torbay charity has turned Father Christmas to give a leg- up to loo users in Torbay faced with having to keep their legs firmly crossed.

Some public toilets proved inconvenient for people with learning disabilities when you had to pay to use them.

But now their problems have  been flushed away by Torbay Mencap.

Chairman Carol King explained: "During Covid, to reduce the possibility of infection, the public toilets Torbay were fitted with a card only operation. Many of those with  a learning disability don't have a bank account and therefore not a bank card either.  For them the public toilets became inaccessible."

Torbay Menap has come up with a solution. It is issuing members entry cards, free of charge loaded with 20 toilet entries.

The relief also comes after this prose from the Learning Disability Partnership Board to Torbay councillors which read:

It seems to be a funny thing I am sure you know this too

As soon I go out and about I always need the loo

Toilets are essential and in Devon most are free

Unless you need to visit In Paignton, Brixham or Torquay

Then you will need a bank card

Cash will just not do

No card, just means no entry

To let you use the loo

This needs to change, and quickly It’s something we all need

A right to use the toilet

And have a simple wee

It’s not right to discriminate

Some people don’t have cards

Our health and wellbeing matter

Please don’t make life extra hard.

If we can’t use the toilet It stops us going out

And then our lives are poorer

And this is why we shout!

Please help us sort this problem

We know it can be done

And with gratitude we will thank you

For being fair to everyone.

From The Torbay Partnership Board Ambassadors