Re-elected crime commissioner Alison pledges more bobbies on beat

Torbay Weekly

Alison Hernandez has retained her role as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for the next three years.

The Conservative candidate was re-elected with an increased majority on her 2016 win after counting on Monday.

Ms Hernandez was being challenged by Labour’s Gareth Derrick, the Liberal Democrats Brian Blake, and Stuart Jackson of the Green Party. She came agonisingly close of a first round victory, scoring 49.97 per cent of the votes, just short of the 50 per cent required.

After the second round of voting, she increased her majority to 65.2 per cent, up on the 51.1 per cent she won with in 2016

In her victory speech, she set out her stall for Devon and Cornwall to become the safest place in England and to get police officers back on the streets.

Ms Hernandez, who lives in Torbay, said: “I am elated to get the opportunity for three more years. We have become the second lowest crime area since I came in to office and we want to get to number one, so I want to work with the communities to get there.

“We have to get the officers on the street. The community needs to be seeing that visibility and that investment on the streets where they live.

“We have had a promise from Government for more than the 498 coming so we have to make sure we get our fair share of that and we will do all we can to ensure we have a sustainable budget, so I am confident that we will be fine.”

She added: “The biggest thing is about reopening front desks and police stations."

In the first round of vote, she received 247,173 votes (49.97 per cent), with Mr Derrick on 99,894 (20.2 per cent), Mr Blake on 88,318 (17.8 per cent) and MrJackson on 59,242 (11.9 per cent)

After the second round of voting, Ms Hernandez had 275,217 votes (65.2 per cent), compared to Mr Derrick’s 146,979.

Turnout was up on 2016 – 36.7 per cent compared to 22.1 per cent.

* The Conservatives have retained the control of Devon County Council. for another four years.

Under John Hart’s leadership, they have been in charge since 2009.

The Conservatives held 41 of the 60 seats, but that was reduced to 39. The Liberal Democrats gained three seats to become the official opposition on nine, while Labour gained one seat in Exeter to end on seven.