Ramblers offering chance to Walk Your Way (out of pandemic)

Joseph Bulmer

Torbay residents are being encouraged to join local Ramblers in a new walking campaign.

As lockdown restrictions slowly ease, and people should be able to walk more freely for the first time in several months, the Ramblers will be running — from June and across July and August — a Walk Your Way initiative.
Building on the big increase in interest in all things walking-related since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Walk Your Way will encourage everyone to experience the joys of being outdoors 'whether you’re in search of calming nature or thrilling adventure, whether you’re an experienced walker or new to stepping out.'

Free, downloadable walking inspiration packs are available  at https://www.ramblers.org.uk/walkyourway)

Tom Platt, Director of advocacy and engagement for the Ramblers said: “There’s no one way to ramble. Join us and Walk Your Way this summer: a warm welcome and lots of inspiration and support awaits you to start your walking adventures!”