Ramblers explore the natural beauty of where we live

Torbay Weekly

Tessa Smith from South Devon Ramblers:

Fed up with the ‘same old same old ’?

Or, after watching all those super-fit Olympians, feeling that you, too, could up your game? New to the area? Or just wanting new goals and experiences? Well, it’s on your doorstep!

Over the last year or so, South Devon Ramblers have gone from lockdown loneliness and solo walking - enjoyable for a while - to obediently walking in defined numbers, sharing our ups and downs online, we’ve engaged with new guidelines, instituted enhanced safety measures, finally reuniting gleefully with the gang once restrictions were lifted.

And it's great to see many new faces among the group.

No matter what, we have kept on walking.

The starter-style ‘oh so easy’ three milers have never been so popular.

These Tuesday walks are gentle two-hour strolls ideal for those new to the idea of longer walks, perfect for those recovering from surgery or wishing to make a return to fitness after a spell of inactivity. Or just as a taster.

The longer Thursday and Sunday walks take us further afield and these, too, have attracted new people: holidaymakers, ramblers from other groups, and complete newbies who are bored with their own routes.

Renewed interest in the local John Musgrave Heritage Trail has also seen whole families ‘graduate’ to rambling with a group.

For the real enthusiasts, South Devon Ramblers have taken on an ambitious project to walk the South West Coast Path (SWCP).

This has involved lengthy, challenging day trips as well as mini breaks to the north coast of Devon and Somerset, and to Cornwall.

In the shadow of Covid, the benefits of walking to both physical and mental wellbeing are regularly loudly applauded.

To live in Devon, an area renowned for its natural beauty, and not to get out and explore, seems like too much of an opportunity wasted.

Highlights of recent months include the celebrated, amazingly quick return to walking of some of our ‘wounded soldiers’, the reawakening of the delights of hidden Dartmoor led by our experienced leaders with their deep understanding of the moor, its history and its ecology; the excitement and sense of achievement derived from our SWCP adventures; and just simply the pleasure of walking with friends old and new in beautiful surroundings.

For more information about South Devon Ramblers, log on to www.southdevonramblers.com