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Rail heritage trail plan unveiled for Brixham

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A local project team, led by Brixham Museum Trustee Glen Gardner, are planning to create a ‘Brixham Heritage Railway Trail’ along some of the old route on which the former Brixham Branch Line ran between 1868 and 1963.

In May 2023, it will be the 60th anniversary of the closure of the Brixham Branch Line, and Brixham Railway Station. Although a sad day for Brixham back in 1963, the date provides an opportunity to create awareness about this little-known piece of local history, and the opportunity to open up the old line to walkers, ramblers, runners and to those interested in this fascinating story.

The aim of the three-stage project is to create a marked railway heritage trail along the two-mile former train line route between Brixham and Churston. Starting at the site of the, now long demolished, Brixham Railway station on Harbour View Close and continuing all the way to Bridge Road bridge in Churston.

Brixham Heritage Trail
Brixham Heritage Trail

At key points of interest along the Railway Heritage Trail, the aim is to install a series of information boards, plaques, and route markers, so the public can find out more about the relatively little-known story of Brixham’s Railway.

Glen is encouraging people who may have memorabilia, photographs / film, historical artifacts including station record books / logs, tickets, books and magazines, and anything else relating to the Brixham branch line, to come forward and loan / donate those items to the project in preparation for special exhibitions and displays to mark the 60th anniversary next year.

Items of interest can be taken to Brixham Museum, who are endorsing and supporting the project, where they will be recorded and later form part of the planned exhibitions.

Presently the project team are a voluntary group of interested people who each have their own skills and knowledge. We will be looking for more support with the project including sponsorship, funding and voluntary help.

The group thanked co-sponsors Sign Up Signs & Graphics and Healthy Footsteps, and for the support and endorsement from Brixham Heritage Museum.

If you would like to find out more, please email or call 07957 454393