Ambulances waiting outside Torbay Hospital.png

Purple Heart campaign here for all in Bay

Torbay Weekly

A few weeks ago this was the scene outside Torbay Hospital with ambulances full of patients waiting to be seen or admitted.

Enter the Purple Heart Dementia Awareness campaign.

Campaigners have discovered that music, through Mp3s, help dementia sufferers. So why not the pain of those caught in the hospital jamlog.

Founder Norrms McNamara said: “We could not just stand about and do nothing so I contacted those in charge and offered our help to supply ambulances with Mp3s to occupy the patients waiting for so long outside and try and help calm them whilst they waited.

“I have heard that once they get chargers to keep the Mp3s going, this will happen very soon and they will confirm their plans with me.

So you see, sometimes, we have to think of others, no, not all the patients in the ambulances have dementia, but they are still someone’s mum, dad, daughter, son, grandad, or grandma and deserve to be helped in their time of pain and anguish.”