Purple Angel's new year - new horizons

Joseph Bulmer

Well, we are into the new year and looking to the year ahead.

It’s been such a difficult two years past but I don’t want to dwell on that and we should all now look to the future.

Last week, we had our annual meeting and I have to say as far as annual meetings go, it was a very productive one.

Because of Covid, believe it or not we have been twice as busy supplying care homes and hospitals and individuals with our free personalised MP3 players uploaded with the music of their very own choice to all those with dementia in Torbay, Devon and the whole of the UK - something that has really kept us on our toes.

I'm so happy to say that all through the lockdowns the Purple Angel dementia campaign Torbay has been helping others the best we can.

We also reopened our memory café at Barton Baptist Church and numbers are staring to rise again now to levels before Covid, so all is good on that front.

We even managed a free coach trip for all to Tamar View garden centre before Christmas and everyone had a wonderful day.

Plans for the future? Well, we have plenty of them!

We aim to keep the numbers up at the café through advertising on social media.

We already have artists booked for entertainment at the café and have planned theme days to come, Valentine's and Easter, of course!

We have two coach trips already planned for this year - one being a mystery tour which should be fun, a tea dance held at a local hotel for all and, of course, our eighth annual World Rocks Against Dementia (WRAD 2022) to be held at Barton Baptist Church on Saturday, May 21 from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

WRAD is not only us in Torbay but so many care homes across the UK and also countries around the world join in as well.

One year, we held events in more than 22 countries globally and hope to do the same this year!

So a very busy year to come - with much more to come as well, I’m sure.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how more community groups in Torbay should come together for the same aim and I am so happy to report I had a couple of replies to this, not as many as I would like - hint hint - but still it’s a start.

It led to a couple of Zoom meetings with even more community groups, which also led us to working with the wonderful Hannah at Eat that Frog about getting more families to our memory café, and reconnecting with my old friend Kieran from The Princes Trust to work with them again to help those who join the Princes Trust programme.

We already have a volunteer who is also working with us for her Duke of Edinburgh Award.

So, you see, by working together, we can all get so much more done.

I also mentioned a few weeks ago how so many memory cafes have closed in the past two years in Torbay which is so very sad, and only leaving possibly the two of us, ours at Barton Baptist Church and the one at Christchurch, Paignton.

I am now extremely happy to report that we have stated a wonderful dialog with the one in Paignton with the view of working together for the benefit of all and I promise that’s also something I will keep you updated on.