South Devon College is launching the Young Entrepreneurs? Programme in September

Project to help young people with good ideas to become entrepreneurs

Nikki Belso

A new project is being launched to help young people to become entrepreneurs and create the wealth their generation is going to need to get the local economy through difficult times.

South Devon College is launching the Young Entrepreneurs’ Programme in September.

In conjunction with Devon County Council, the college is joint funding the project to support young people to develop key skills and insights into the workplace, as part of a recovery programme in response to the pandemic.

This will help young people with good ideas to move on and become the future entrepreneurs.

Education ministers, employers and business partners of the college have identified some gaps in the skills of all levels of students, commonly entrepreneurship and a commercial perspective.

Laura Allison, South Devon College's entrepreneur skills development coordinator
Laura Allison, South Devon College's entrepreneur skills development coordinator

This means individuals do not have sufficient knowledge, understanding or practical experience of key aspects on how to make a business or project financially successful, nor fully appreciate the factors that influence commercial success.

In response to this, the Young Entrepreneurs’ Programme has been developed to bring together two key elements of academic achievement through learning at South Devon College and preparing individuals to create new products or services or innovation in a way which can become a commercially successful proposition, whether through start-up business solutions or the sale of valuable intellectual property.

The Young Entrepreneurs’ Programme will encourage and support the development of entrepreneurial skills and talents, alongside cross-college core study programmes – offering opportunities to improve entrepreneurial behaviours such as creativity, problem-solving and attitudes to risk, to name but a few.

In addition, the young people will gain the knowledge and skills to produce and pitch a feasible business plan in front of influential stakeholders.

The programme will be delivered through a whole host of initiatives, regular workshops and events, many of these connecting students with local industry experts and employers.

A group of ambassadors from industry, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs, have already agreed to support this project and act as mentors.

For information about the Young Entrepreneurs’ Programme, email Laura Allison, South Devon College’s entrepreneur skills development coordinator, at