Prince Charles records special show for hospital radio listeners

Torbay Weekly

It has been an interesting and challenging year for Torbay Hospital Radio, Covid-19 has stretched us to the limit and we have had to think of new ways to reach the patients in the wards around the hospital.

So after over 44 years of broadcasting live and direct from our studio at Torbay Hospital, we had embrace modern technology and find a way of doing the shows remotely.

We provide free entertainment to the patients and staff within the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although to be fair, we have not yet found a volunteer to do an all-nighter from The Reynolds Studio - named after one of our much-loved late presenters - which is tucked away in the bowels of the hospital.

So with studio off limits and not wanting to let our audience down, 2020 saw presenters broadcasting from home, using their own PCs and laptops.

Shows have continued 24/7 right through the pandemic.

Luckily, we are now able to broadcast back in the studio and things are slowly, we hope, returning to some sort of normality.

Pre Covid-19, we would visit the wards and collect requests from patients and staff but this had to stop for obvious reasons and we hope to get back to this soon.

But if you have a song request for someone in hospital or dedication, please do call through to the studio, we have a huge music library of thousands of songs right across the decades, we can usually play a request that day.

You can text in 07923 865012, WhatsApp us or email or even ask Alexa.

We are all volunteers and if you think you would like to take to the airwaves, we are always looking for new members. Or if that’s not your thing, we are always fundraising and need help with that.

Recently Prince Charles recorded a special show especially for the Hospital Radio network, and during the programme, he paid particular tribute to volunteers of hospital, health and hospital radio stations for their work during the pandemic.

In August, our outside broadcasts recommence - not with Prince Charles - at the Kingskerswell  Community Day, so why not come along to the Playing Fields on August 15 - there will be a plenty going on and you can see us in action as well.

So what’s next? Well, we are trying to renovate our second studio, currently being used as a store for all our equipment, so if anyone has a spare unit we can use that would be awesome.

We had hoped to add a nice photograph our team, but unfortunately the photographer had to self-isolate. Perhaps we will have better luck next time!