Post-lockdown boom time for town's pub and restaurants

Torbay Weekly

Torquay's pubs and restaurants have cashed in since lockdown restrictions were eased, a survey has revealed.

Since May 17 pubs, restaurants and cafes across the UK have been able to serve customers indoors.

Card payments provider, Dojo, has analysed their transaction data between Monday May 17 and Sunday May 23 to find out how much sales have increased over the first week of a more fuller reopening.

Data has shown that Torquay restaurant spend was up 66 per cent since indoor dining reopened

They were one of the UK's top 40 locations for people spending the most post lockdown easing with a ranking of 31st. Exeter was at number nine with a 98 per cent weekly increase and Plymouth 37th with 60 per cent. Stoke on Trent was top with 195 per cent.

Torquay ranked 11th among top locations for spending the most in pubs since reopening indoor dining with a 68.5 per cent increase in spending. Exeter was top with 114 per cent and Plymouth second with 108.6 per cent.

Indoor dining has allowed 12 per cent more restaurants to trade, according to new data

Spend for the week was found to be 17 per cent higher than an average week in July 2020, when restaurants were open between lockdowns.