Plymouth shootings: It’s too awful to think about 

Joseph Bulmer

Sorry to get serious this week but following the events in Plymouth, I wanted to pay my respects and send my condolences to the family and friends of the victims who were killed.

It’s rare we hear such shocking news in our neck of the woods.

I am always left feeling saddened and perplexed by the killing of innocent people, and wonder just what went through the head of the perpetrator the second before they pulled the trigger. An answer we will never get or understand.

I don’t think we will ever understand what drives someone to kill innocent people, especially children - babies, it’s too awful to think about.

I am, however, beginning to wonder what on earth went through the mind of the police who decided it was safe to hand back the gun licence to a man, whose own mother had reported her son's worrying behaviour and threats to her life.

The mind boggles.

Is this yet another example of how the police is so stretched and, therefore, decisions are possibly made without reasonable judgement and information due to a potential lack of all the relevant information?

I hope that however that fateful decision was made is investigated and questions are answered to make sure the full facts are known and lessons can be learned.

I could get very political and Victor Meldrew here, but for once I’m going to think before I speak - write - and keep my opinions to myself.

Needless to say, my heart goes out to those affected by the tragedy in Plymouth on Friday. Just when we thought life couldn’t get any harder.

Look after one another, kindness and compassion costs nothing. If nothing else, remember that this week.

Serious column over and out.

On another matter, you’ll be pleased to know that the bin men finally came and took the recycling - no more salvaging my cardboard in the middle of the night in my nightwear. Hooray.