Planning blueprint for the future as public backs Devon's farmers

Torbay Weekly

We have just arrived back from Birmingham where at the NFU’s annual conference our latest report was launched: British Farming, a Blueprint for the Future – which tied in with the overall theme of conference

It set out a clear plan for a resilient, sustainable and productive agricultural sector.

As we face the most significant changes in food production for a generation, it considers how to make the best use of our most productive agricultural land and looks forward an ambitious and exciting future for the sector that is good for shoppers, the environment and Devon’s farmers.

It follows a major food summit where the NFU brought together organisations from across the food supply chain and called for the government to set out a food and farming policy that creates a resilient and sustainable supply chain – one that puts quality British food at the forefront and drives domestic food security.

Central to our blueprint is the production of sustainable, climate-friendly British food and ensuring the right policies are in place to allow farmers and growers to lead the way in utilising new technologies that will enable them to produce this food while working hand-in-hand with nature.

It also points out that the British public is hugely supportive of British food and farming. A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of NFU in June 2021 showed that 88 per cent of the public feel that it is important that Britain has a productive farming industry.

Seventy-three per cent of the public often or always look specifically for British food when shopping.

Eighty-four per cent of respondents said they support clearer labelling of British food, with 75 per cent saying they trust British food more than food from the rest of the world.

Farming is worth more than £300 million to Devon’s economy and directly employs nearly 19,000 people in the county, so making sure our family farms are able to thrive is absolutely vital.

Blueprint for the Future shows how – with the right plan in place – British agriculture can be an ambitious and exciting sector providing a range of solutions to other challenges too, from the production of green energy to helping us get to net zero for greenhouse gas emissions.