Picture special: Views from across Torbay

Torbay Weekly

Happy new year to all as #NaturallyInspiring Torbay is celebrated with this week’s photographs by Stephen Coombes.

Retired bus driver Stephen, who lives in Torbay, spends a great deal of his spare time taking photographs of our #NaturallyInspiring Torbay and South Devon.

In this feature, Stephen shares images of the Bay and surrounding area with Torbay Weekly readers.

This week, Stephen shares focuses on familiar sights from around Torbay - St Mary Magdalene Church in Torquay, Moses the Waveman, who sits and waves at passing motorists who, in turn, toot their horns back! Stephen also shares images of Paignton Pier and the view looking across to Brixham from Livermead.

Stephen would like to dedicate his pictures to the NHS frontline and support staff for all the tremendous life-saving work they are doing. Our Heroes.