'People power' bid to make woods path safer

Torbay Weekly

'People power' is out to make a popular woods in Torquay easier to reach for the public.

More than 50 residents joined a new community group set up to improve a major path leading into Warberry Woods.

The unadopted route from the top of Rosehill Road runs up to Higher Warberry Road and is well used by parents taking their children to Warberry School and dog walkers, but is dangerous underfoot.

The Rosehill Path Community Group set up by Robert Lidbetter, David Scott and Ben Davis, hope to raise the money required to tarmac and improve the path to avoid anyone having a serious accident.

Throughout the summer they have met with ward councillor Jermaine Atiya-alla and Swisco to discuss how the  money can be raised.

David Scott said: "‘Of particular concern is the difficulty underfoot which is only getting worse. It is only a matter of time before a walker, parent or child has an accident.

"Although none of us have any children attending Warberry School, we feel we have a community responsibility to try and help and some of us are prepared to contribute towards any costs.

‘However, we cannot do this on our own. We need to show we have the backing of the local community and regular users of the of the path so I would ask people to get in touch with us via email at DScottTorq@aol.com"

One of the first fund-raisers is a coffee morning and book sale on Saturday October 9 between 10am and 1pm at Highview, Rosehill Road which is open to anyone interested. More than 700 good condition books have already been donated.