Passion and energy with tribute to Fleetwood Mac

Torbay Weekly

Fleetwood Bac is the world’s first and one of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute bands, endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself - and they are appearing for one night only in Torquay this month.

Rated as one of the UK's top five tribute shows - alongside The Bootleg Beatles, Bjorn Again and the Counterfeit Stones - Fleetwood Bac are at the Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay, on Saturday, February 26.

They promise the sound, the look, the mystical atmosphere and on-stage chemistry are all portrayed with the passion and energy that got the seal of approval from ‘Big Daddy’ Mick.

The Fleetwood Bac show focuses on the ‘Rumours’ era of the band - still the fifth biggest-selling album of all time.

It also features several songs from the Peter Green days, plus some of Stevie’s biggest solo hits, in a theatrical two-hour show.

Tickets are available by contacting Babbacombe Theatre on 01803 328385 or online at