Paignton hi-tech firm wins another major industry award

Joseph Bulmer

EPIC tenant Nanusens has won its second Elektra Award.

Last year, it won the 'best campaign of the year' award for communicating about its new technology that will change the way that sensors are made.

Sensors are the electronic components that are found in many of today’s gadgets to provide awareness of movement, sound, magnetic fields, etc. that make them 'smart'.

On March 25, the company won the Elektra Award for 'design team of the year' for the work on its latest product, RF Digital Tunable Capacitors that enable the higher frequency bands needed by 5G mobile phones to be used, something that presents a challenge with current technology.

The organisers said: “The team has clearly worked well together to achieve their goal and come up with innovative solutions to the problem.”

Dr Josep Montanyà, Nanusens CEO, said: “Our novel way of making electronics components is set to dramatically change not just one area of smart devices but also mobile devices.

"That’s two enormous markets where we have unique disruptive technologies that will catapult us into being major suppliers to both.”

EPIC centre director Wayne Loschi added: “We are delighted that Nanusens has been recognised yet again for having amazing technology! And even more delighted to have them with us in the EPIC Centre.”

Nanusens has already won many awards for its innovative technology that creates sensors that can be used in all sorts of electronic devices to sense movement, sound, magnetic fields, and pressure.

The company has devised a completely new way to make these sensors that overcomes issues with current sensors that includes challenges with volume product, size, reliability and energy consumption.

The solution, which is being protected by many patents, is the only one that uses the same manufacturing techniques that make the vast majority of the world’s electronic chips.

This means virtually unlimited production capabilities plus solutions that are ten times smaller or even less.