Overwhelming success of ‘Torbay Needs You’ campaign

Torbay Weekly

Now the hospitality and holiday industry is able to take stock and reflect, it was a fantastic summer season for Our Naturally Inspiring Bay.

As we welcomed a huge number of visitors to the area, one of the major challenges facing local businesses was in the area of recruitment, prompting the ‘Torbay Needs You’ campaign, a partnership between the Torbay Development Agency, The Torbay Weekly and a number of Bay organisations.

Beverley Holidays in Paignton were one of the many beneficiaries, as they launched a successful recruitment drive through the campaign, welcoming new staff to an industry that provides opportunity, flexibility and fulfilment.

“The support from other local businesses, the TDA and promotion in the Torbay Weekly definitely had a positive impact on our recruitment through the summer,” said Katy Lamsin, Director at Beverley Holidays.

“We’re not heavily recruiting for seasonal roles at the moment because we did well to get through the summer with great success.

“For a lot of people this summer, it was a big challenge but that is because we had such a busy holiday season, which has obviously been a real positive for the area. It was busy for an even longer period than normal.

“The students in our team, who would normally just work the holidays, have stayed on for longer. We’ve seen more staff join the business and the reality of working in our industry is that it is great fun.

“The hours are flexible, a great camaraderie among the team and between different departments, which is important for any organisation. We sometimes have people working across different areas of the business, giving them even more experience and opportunities.

“People who work for us tend to really enjoy the customer service angle, interacting with guests, and the social aspect is fantastic. We are surrounded by people enjoying their holiday and we all aspire to give our guests the best experience possible, as we would want for ourselves on holiday.

“The jobs campaign was a massive help to us and great to see fellow businesses coming together over a successful summer season.”