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OPINION: Spring into a clean and safe summer - Mikey Morey

Torbay Weekly

Last year was a bumper busy season for Torbay, with people being able to get away and enjoy a holiday following the Covid pandemic. Staycations boomed and we saw the population of the Bay swell as visitors chose to visit and stay here (writes Cllr Mike Morey).

Having our Bay busy, as we all get out and about enjoying our area and the events we have on, does give our economy the boost it needs. What comes with this though is the pressure on our services to ensure we can keep Torbay looking good and safe for you and those who visit us.

SWISCo, a Torbay Council company who deliver our front line services such as Waste and Recycling, Street Cleansing, Park and Ground Maintenance, Highway Infrastructure and Management have been working very closely with our Harbours Resort Services team. This is so they can focus on providing a safe, clean and tidy Torbay, investing in making the Torbay a UK premier resort.

Wild flowers are bloomig success
Wild flowers are bloomig success

This year more investment has been put into equipment, mainly more efficient and more effective vehicles, that can work hard to ensure we can keep the Bay looking clean and spotless.

We have invested in the latest environmentally friendly technology as possible. New tractors and trailers will be visiting our beaches, raking them on a regular basis to clean the sand and remove seaweed. We also have a new vehicle that can tackle chewing gum and graffiti that is found around the three towns. We have also invested in another deep clean compact sweeper to add to our Hako machine purchased last year. This machine will be able to keep our streets better cleaned and clear of detritus and litter, while emitting very low emissions. These new machines will also be able to carry out a full wet clean which helps to scrub off stubborn grime.

Along with the improved street cleaning machinery, more recycling and general waste bins have been placed around the Bay, particularly on those beaches that have been awarded a Blue Flag – which are Breakwater, Broadsands, Meadfoot, Oddicombe, Preston and Abbey Sands. There will also be a dedicated mobile street cleansing operative focusing on those Blue Flag beaches. SWISCo are also increasing the number of staff they have for the summer season to ensure bins are not overflowing and to pick up any litter that does not make it into a bin. Alongside this a ‘Bin the Butt’ campaign as part of the national initiative with Keep Britain Tidy will be run. This is to encourage residents and visitors to think about where they dispose of their cigarette butts, especially targeting those who like to throw them out of their car windows when sat at traffic lights.

As mentioned earlier, SWISCo do not just manage our waste and recycling, they also manage some of our lovely green spaces. Working hard to bring flashes of colour and beauty with their planting displays. The Gardening team are already out and about working hard to ensure the Bay is blooming once again. Following on from the great reaction of our pollinator patches, they are back again this year in our residential areas and larger parks, like the Italian Gardens in Abbey Park, Torbay Park in Paignton and Preston House gardens in Preston. We are also seeding our largest wildflower area yet on the footpath between Churston and Fishcombe Cove, which is on the way to Brixham. The team are also very busy ensuing the seasonal bedding is in place that will put on a great show this year.

SWISCo and our partners will really be working hard over the upcoming summer months to ensure Torbay is a place for everyone to enjoy our premier marine and natural experience. I hope as you move around the Bay, maybe when you are enjoying some of the Jubilee Events or some time at one of our beaches or attractions, that you stop and take in the work that helps to make Torbay shine in the summer sun.

Cllr Mike Morey