Once Brixham is in your heart, there is no going back

Torbay Weekly

Hi there! I’m Chloe Pavely, and I am very excited to be a new columnist for the Torbay Weekly.

For those who don’t know me, I am a Brixham girl who grew up in a small valley in North Wales.

We always stayed in Brixham as a child. Whether it was to see in the New Years or the whole summer holidays, and as I’m sure you all know if you live here, once Brixham is in your heart, there is no going back.

There is just something so captivating about our busy, quaint little harbour and fishing port, brimming with energy and a buzz, and once you catch it, it’s hard to forget about.

I feel incredibly lucky to have fulfilled my childhood dream of owning and running a beach hut café down on Fishcombe Cove.

Although I may be slightly biased, I certainly have the best office view in the world.

For those who have not visited the cove or the café before, you can check it out our Facebook or Instagram page @fishcombecovecafe – plenty of photos and news on there for you to read.

In this column, I will be chatting about matters that are important to me and raising awareness of events, charities, projects and all the cool stuff going on in the Bay.

Let’s face it, we are lucky to have the vast number of beaches, the crystal-clear waters to compliment the busy towns full of shops, bars and cafes and the amazing people that are part of our community.

Some topics I write about may be important and require a certain amount of seriousness, however I try to keep my daily life as light-hearted as possible, sometimes a little tongue in cheek, and I plan to spread the joy and positivity as much as I can.

I will be writing here every two weeks, giving you the highs/lows, exciting projects, events and opportunities happening in Torbay and life at Fishcombe Cove.

I always want to hear about your news too, please feel free to send yours in to Torbay Weekly.

While we are on the topic of news, I have something really exciting I want to share with you all - Fishcombe Cove Café has made it to the finals of the Best Café of the Year in South West England.

After we won the Devon tourism awards for Café of the Year, we really didn’t think we could top such an award, so to be in the finals is borderline overwhelming to say the least!

Thursday, April 22, is the final event with South West Tourism Awards. I shall keep you all updated, however if we do win, I am sure you will be able to hear me jumping and cheering for joy throughout Brixham.

It’s been really wonderful to see all the local businesses reopen after such a long and hard, winter.

We have been blessed with such warm sunny weather this last week, perfect timing for everyone to start coming out of hibernation, shielding and life starting to resume.

It’s been especially hard this last year with Covid, the regulations, the rules and the lockdowns. But we have nearly made it, with vaccinations going out and restrictions being eased I am really hoping we can start to enjoy life again and see our friends and family safely.

I think for all businesses that have remained closed, it has been especially hard so now more than ever, let’s pull together as a community and shop local where possible.

It’s true what they say owners of a small, independent business do a little dance when someone buys their goods!

Thanks for reading my first-ever column, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, catch you in two weeks’ time.