Now is the time to set things right

Torbay Weekly

Now is the time to set things right - what a great song by Jimmy James and the Vagabonds and how apt this is for the days we live in at the moment.

Hopefully, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel re the pandemic. The UK without a doubt is paving the way for others to follow regarding getting Covid figures down and getting things back to some kind of normal.

We all should be so very proud, as when you look at it, we are such a tiny little isle compared to the other big players and we punch way above our weight, we always have, it’s the British way, and not forgetting the way we also help others who are now in the same situation as we were only a matter of months ago. Yes, I for one am so very proud.

As a person living with dementia, I have to ask the question, if so much progress can be done in so little time, then why isn’t the same urgency put into other terminal illness?

Last week, the nationals declared that the UK's biggest killer is once again dementia, with heart problems second.

So I have to ask, where are those that stood up in power and said we have to do something about this when Covid hit us?

Where are those same people when it comes to telling all on TV how many die for dementia/heart problems per week and what they are going to do about it and what the future holds for people like me and many others? Where are they now?

I am sure I’m not being selfish as I am asking for many others who also have to live with these diseases day to day, never knowing what’s coming next or how long we have left to spend with our families.

Billions of pounds was found from nowhere to pay for research and find a vaccine which, thankfully, they did and we are all so grateful for, but the question now from myself and many others is what are they going to do about finding a cure for dementia and other terminal diseases?

Should they be hunting down through research Britain’s biggest killer?

Did you know dementia funding only gets a sixth of what other big illness research get? How can this be fair?

So many people are still in the dark about dementia. True, we have come such a long way in the last ten years but we do still  have such a long way to go.

For example, did you know children can get dementia?

It's called Battens Disease, a childhood type of dementia. Did you know you don’t have to be old to get dementia? It can strike anytime at any age.

I speak and write all over the world, albeit via Zoom, but did you know there are thousands, if not more, people who have been living with dementia for 20 years or more?

I myself was diagnosed 11 years ago and compared to some, I am still at baby at this.

And, yes, for some reason people still say: “You don’t look or sound like you have dementia?"

Honestly, it’s true - it still goes on! Now unless we have developed our own language or have two heads, surely all must realise by now we are no different to anybody else.

It is an illness just like any other illness , and it's terminal, which is something we wake with every day sadly.