Now Bay gets a shadow cabinet!

Torbay Weekly

Torbay is to get its very own 'shadow' cabinet.

The Conservatives say Torbay Council has just published a new version of its constitution and within the changes are the opportunity for them - as the  largest Opposition group - to create a shadow cabinet.

Council Tory group leader David Thomas has announced the team. The shadow roles are unpaid positions and follow  a recent visit from the Local Government Association who previously undertook a peer review of the council.

Cllr Thomas will be shadow for Spatial Planning, Transformation and Customer Services. Deputy Chris Lewis will shadow Economic Regeneration, Strategic Tourism and Corporate Services. Children’s Services will be the remit of Nick Bye, while Adult’s Services and Public Health will be looked after Jane Barnby. Three other councillors complete the line-up with James O’Dwyer shadowing Finance and Housing, Hazel Foster Strategic Transport, Waste and Highways and Ray Hill the Environment.

Cllr Thomas said, ‘This is a great opportunity for the opposition councillors to start to fully understand the creation of policy and the upcoming issues within the council. Previously, we would have to wait until the report is issued to start to learn what is involved. We are hopeful that the administration will embrace this new resource to enable a wider viewpoint and we look forward to them employing a more collaborative approach."

Torbay MP Kevin Foster MP said: "The new Conservative shadow cabinet group brings together councillors with many years of expertise,  experience and public service. This team will provide the in-depth scrutiny and challenge that the current Lib Dem / Independent leadership of Torbay council requires, as well as providing a strong team, supported by others, who will lead the campaign for the local elections in  2023.”

The shadow cabinet will have informal meetings with officers on a monthly basis.