Norrms McNamara: We will get through it - we always do

Torbay Weekly

Hiya, well that’s the last bank holiday of the year out of the way and it should quieten down a little now.

The time we were allowed after lockdown to try and make some sense of the last 18 months has been a huge boost to the Torbay economy and as a resident of 25 years plus, it really was good to see things beginning to get back to some kind of normality and people out there enjoying themselves, adults and children alike.

Make no mistake, what we have all just been through the last 18 months has been the most dangerous and frightening time since the time of the plague, because call it what you want, pandemic /plague, they mean the same thing.

So is it now time to take stock and reflect? If not now, when?

Torbay and the South West went from being the lowest to the highest in the UK when it comes to Covid infections in just a few months and just by chance, that happened when restrictions were lifted and it felt as if the whole of the UK had come to the South West for a holiday.

Yet still the guys in hotels, B&Bs, shops and cafes stood strong, worked so very hard and came together as one huge workforce to manage this unprecedented influx of holidaymakers and try to give them the best holiday they have ever had in the hope they would all come back, as we all do.

In these times of woe and troubles, sometimes these Herculean efforts are lost in the midst of time or smothered by bad news and I really hope in this case it won’t be forgotten.

As for the NHS, anybody who knows me knows I am a massive fan of this organisation and I still stand by my saying that you don’t really appreciate what a fantastic hospitals and NHS we have in Torbay unless you have come from a different area and experienced other hospitals.

Torbay really are second to none and deserve all our support.

Looking back 500 years, can you imagine what it must have been like to go through the same thing but without social media, TV stations, radio stations explaining what was happening and modern medicine? Just horrific!

But they did, and that’s why we are here today, albeit fighting the same thing more or less but with a lot more help and information thank goodness.

But they got through it, and so will we!

It’s no secret that I regard Torquay as the best place in the world to live and that’s purely down the people who live here, who come together in times of trouble and conflict and work together to help others, go above and beyond what’s needed all to make sure others are safe and looked after.

No, it’s true we don’t always get it right, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and lessons will certainly be learned from the pandemic, and they must be, but what we must take from those lessons is to remember what went wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It really is no use playing the blame game as it will solve nothing, but we must never forget the epic efforts of all in Torquay and the South West and should be very proud of ourselves that together, we are getting through this.