Nina and Dave saluted for community work

Torbay Weekly

A lady who has made sure some of the Bay's most vulnerable people never went hungry in the pandemic and a disabled sailing champion have  been honoured.

Nina Pierson, chef at the Eat That Frog Community Interest Company, was awarded a British Empire Medal and said: "I feel so honoured My start in life was difficult; Mum and Dad took a chance when they adopted me. They have spent a lifetime loving me which helped me believe that with a little love and compassion, anyone’s life can be changed.

"Later on in life, Eat That Frog taught me through experiences, training and education that I could develop my own skills, which allowed me to go on and work in the community helping people. I’m an ambassador for individualized education and support and how combining the two can lift people out of crisis and poverty. The work helping feed people through Covid-19 was a natural extension of this.

This award doesn’t just value me, it represents the community I work for and Eat That Frog."

Dave Musgrove, president of Torquay Disabled Sailing Association, was also awarded a BEM.

Dave has raised the profile of disabled sports, especially disabled water sports, over many, many years.
He has attracted attention to the needs of disabled people for opportunities to participate in active recreation as part of their normal life.
He has raised funds, set up organisations, and participated himself in international competitions.
Co-founder and past chair of the British Disabled Water Ski Association, Dave represented Great Britain in the International Water Ski Association competition held in Norway in 1986 and came fifth in the blind men category. He has run three London Marathons to raise funds.
Dave set up the Torquay Disabled Sailing Association and with the help of his wife, Shirley, has steered that to now having two modern yachts moored in Torquay harbour and a happy band of volunteers.

He said: "I want to make clear that the honour is not just for me but for all the unpaid, hard-working volunteers who have made everything possible. Without their support and dedication nothing would have been achieved."