Nik Burns with Hercules Beatle

Nik Burns’ ‘Nature with Machine‘ solo exhibition at Cockington Court this summer

Nikki Belso

Cockington Court’s Exhibition Gallery will feature work from the award-winning and renowned sculpture Nik Burns this summer.

Nik creates unique works of art using a mix of metal and woodwork. His iconic sculptures of animals, fish and insects are often giant-sized and have an intriguing science fiction link.

The exhibition entitled ‘Nature with Machine’ is planned to run in conjunction with the Cockington Court 2022 ‘Insect’ themed Sculpture Trail.

Nik Burns’ eye-catching ‘stag beetle’ will be an exciting addition to the grounds of Cockington.

Nik Burns with one of his unique works of art
Nik Burns with one of his unique works of art

Marissa Wakefield, Cockington Court director, said: “We are very privileged to have Nik Burns here at the court exhibiting, his striking work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and he has a huge following.

“Much of Nik’s work makes use of objects people no longer use or need, giving throwaway items a second life in an intriguing and dynamic form. Nik’s exhibition will also feature in Devon Open Studios in September.”

Originally a professional photographer, Nik made the decision to follow his dream to become a sculptor, giving up his photography career to study applied arts as a mature student.

Since then, his unique and original brand of work has proved increasingly popular and has generated a significant following.

The Nik Burns exhibition runs daily from July 30 until October 30, 10am to 5pm, at Cockington Court and is free of charge.

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