New monkey born at zoo - but is it a boy or girl?

Picture of zoo monkey and new-born baby

Mum and baby - Credit: Paignton Zoo

A tiny Goeldi’s monkey has been born at Paignton Zoo. The baby for first-time parents, Eva and Rio arrived on January 23. 

Male Rio arrived at Paignton in July 2017 and was the sole Goeldi’s monkey for some time until female Eva joined him three years later from Walter Zoo in Switzerland in a move, which was part of the European ex-situ breeding programme. 

The youngster will spend the first few weeks riding on mum’s back, and when it gets a bit bigger both parents will take turns caring and carrying it. Keepers will name the baby when they can determine its gender. 

Goeldi’s monkeys are small New World monkeys native to the upper Amazon regions of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, and take their name from its discoverer, the Swiss naturalist Emil August Goeldi.  

Lisa Britton, Curator of Mammals said: “This new arrival is important for the species as they are classed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with their wild numbers thought to be decreasing due to the main threat of habitat loss.”