Young people find ways to bring spirit back to town

Yes! Brixham young volunteers

Yes! Brixham young volunteers - Credit: Archant

In Brixham, we have a lot to be proud of - our fishing and tourism industries, beautiful scenery, scientific research and our community spirit to name but a few.

Music at The Edge

Music at The Edge - Credit: Archant

Today, I want to give a special shout out to the young people of Brixham who have been so amazing over the last five or so months.

They, along with all of us, have had their worlds turned upside down and are likely to be disproportionally affected by the crisis.

During lockdown, youth provisions such as Yes! Brixham, Youth Genesis, Brixham Baptist Church and Play Torbay moved their youth provision online as a way to support young people as they traversed their own ways through the lockdown.

Through these online forums many young people wanted to speak about how their mental health had been impacted, how they were coping with difficult family circumstances and what the future may hold for them.

Brixham Stronger Together

Brixham Stronger Together - Credit: Archant

They were able to retain contact with their peers, get support from youth and play workers and take part in online activities.

Never ones to stay down for long, our young people found ways to bring a bit of spirit back to the town, through participating and in many cases leading on initiatives.

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Yes! Brixham, for example, has continued to work with the young people throughout lockdown. The young volunteers have attended weekly Zoom sessions to help stay connected and plan community activity. We created hand-painted stones with inspirational messages and art-bombed Brixham leaving positive messages for people through out the town. As restrictions have eased, we have met in socially appropriate workshops to litter-pick, tend our community allotment and clean the Brixham beaches.

The MusicAtTheEdge project has also been very active, with weekly music theory videos, planned and hosted by the youth ambassador and released on Facebook. Free online workshops have been delivered weekly. One of the highlights was an online music festival planned by MusicAtTheEdge and delivered in partnership with Brixham Stronger Together. This event was planned to promote the local fishing industry and received more than 3,500 views!

In the next few weeks our Young Volunteers and MusicAtTheEdge will both be working with Sound Communities to create two podcasts featuring live music performances and interviews where the young people share their experiences living in a post Covid-19 world.